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I use various types of tarot decks (usually one type of tarot deck per reading), as well as supplemental oracle decks if appropriate or needed for further clarity. I also use the energy I pick up from the client, as well as the energy during the reading itself to guide individuals through areas of their lives that need more clarity. **NO GUARANTEE TO FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS** please purchase a follow up reading for more clarity, or message 1 question if there was a discrepancy or you felt your stated question was blatantly unanswered. Relationship, career, and other life questions are welcome. One of my priorities as a reader is treating each client with compassion and understanding. This is a judegement free zone, and i hope you feel comfortable coming to me with life’s sometimes uncomfortable questions. If i ask for further detail it is just because i need more info for a precise reading, not because im nosey 🙏 ! I will use my own unique spreads that have worked in the past as well as more traditional tarot spreads to provide you with needed guidance to the best of my abilities. I do not do readings on legal or medical concerns (including pregnancy/fertility). This is a univseral purple ocean policy, and I am not here as a legal or medical professional (including psychological). We are also REQUIRED to report any reports of self harm, unhealthy ideations, physical abuse, and child abuse/neglect. I myself have a no tolerance policy on this issue and will not continue to read for you after ive given a warning. While i am confident in my divination gifts, the energy of the universe is fluid and does not exist in a vaccuum. Individuals energy, free will, and intentions are subject to change and are not always in our control. It is also important to remember that while these services are helpful, purple ocean is primarily for entertainment purposes and shoukd not replace professional advice. If your reading revolves around a specific person of interest, I need to know their birthday (if possible) and the last time there was a connection. It can be very difficult to read on another person if you havent spoken in 20 years, or you have never spoken or met. *Time line questions are approximate and not guarenteed. I DONT DO THIRD PARTY READINGS, aka i dont want to snoopsnoo for you in other peoples business/ relationships. I dont do third party readings for myself either and they make me feel icky so please dont ask ❤️. If its relavent it will come to me organically and i will always relay the information this way. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and i look forward to meeting you! Hopefully we can get you clarity on the portions of your life that you need it the most.


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