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Hi, my name is Ezra! I am an intuitive tarot reader. I consult with tarot and oracle cards, Spirit, and your Guides to read the dynamics at play within your life and guide you through the process of building a better life for yourself. My readings will provide you with insight on your relationships with yourself and others, your career and finances, or any other element of your life about which you need clarity. I will arm you with the self-awareness you need to realize the best version of yourself, guiding you down the path to self-actualization. Of course, I can only show you the way; it is up to you to blaze your own trail. When you bring me your inquiries, please be specific! Providing me with more context and background information will help me deliver you a more accurate reading. There are many lovely mind-readers who offer their services on this app, but I am not one of them. I read my cards, not your mind, so help me help you help yourself. This is an LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent safe space. In addition, I am delighted to offer relationship advice regardless of how many people with whom you choose to share your love. Despite my youth, I have lived through much hardship and, as a consequence of the wounds my psyche has sustained, made choices that have been destructive to my health, safety, and relationships. My healing process catalyzed spiritual, personal, and genderful transformations. Each new form has taught me invaluable life lessons, particularly on how to be an understanding and compassionate human. Because it is important for your expectations of me and my services to be fair, my limits follow. I answer one to three questions per video reading. Although I understand the impulse to seek clarity on pressing issues, I am not qualified to dispense advice on health, pregnancy, or legal matters. I urge you to pursue help from a different type of professional to address such topics. I can not pinpoint timeframes or calendar dates due to the shifting nature of free will. Furthermore, do not waste my time with questions about frivolous details such as the appearance or name of your future partner. I am here to help you along your path to self-improvement, and knowledge like that is not particularly helpful, nor will it usher anyone special into your life more quickly. I will be happy to provide clarification on readings if necessary; however, additional questions unrelated to the topic at hand warrant the purchase of a new reading. If you want an in-depth reading, give me those juicy details! Beware that asking a vague question will yield a vague response. Once again, I read my cards, not your mind.


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