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Note: I can only tell you what the guides show me. The information can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow. Also, understand that the future is not set in stone. ANY changes made to the present will alter the future. I give you the version of the future based on what is currently happening in your life. Akashic Records are records of all living conscious beings in the entire Universe. All the past, present and all possible futures are recorded in the 11th dimensional energy field. As a guide I open a portal to this 11th dimension of living conscious fluid energy and with the help of the Akashic Records Keepera & Guides, I access the information that will help you gain more clarity, insights and guidance to make decisions in your highest and best interest. In order to give you accurate readings I will need: 1. Your Name - If you are a Snr. or Junior do mention it. 2. If you are asking about a person related to you (Spouse, Child, Sibling, Parent, Partner, Friend, etc) please mention their name in your question for more details. 3. Please make sure your question is SPECIFIC and has all the details in it. If you ask me a general question, eg: what may I know about my future, the answers will be generic. So, kindly specify if you are looking at options or want to know something specific about your current situation. 4. Please note that if you are not related to someone personally or are asking about your children who are above the age of 16 years, the answers will not be very specific as the adults concerned have not given me the permission to access their records. 5. For best results, always ask personal questions related to you. It can be any kind of question related to work, love, partnership, business, dreams, experiences, spiritual evolution, etc. 👉***IMPORTANT***👈 *The readings are based on your current situation and past choices. If you or your person of interest changes anything in the present (like making a different choice because we all have free will💁‍♀️) then your future possibilities will change as well. **If there is more than one person involved (e.g: Business partner(s)/ Projects involving multiple parties) the future outcome will change depending on the variables. *****You will only receive basic info about the person you are asking about, if they are 16yrs and above (as their records will be are separated from parents) or if you have not taken their permission before asking about them. ****The time lines mentioned will be an approximation.


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