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Hi. Please feel that I resonate with you before ordering so that we create a positive connection.,🙏 I’m an Empath + Spirit Medium + Energy Healer. I create an energetic 5D channel so that spirit can come through and offer the messages and guidance you need. I also pull additional tarot cards in order to clarify. If you are seeking connection with a loved one who has passed, please provide me with your first name and their first name and your relationship to each other. This helps me to clarify it’s the right energy I am calling forth as often spirits see an open connection and love to jump in to chat! Also, please provide 2 questions you would like answered so I can guide the session and you get the information you need. Please keep an open mind to their guidance - whether it’s what you want to hear or not. 🙏 I like to include a short healing at the end of the session to either break karmic ties with a difficult relationship so you can move forward, or just to heal any hurt that may still be lingering at a loved one’s passing. If it’s healing you need because of this life or past life trauma, I can help you release those karmic ties and detox from the negative energy holding you back. I can also help you connect to your higher self, detox and purify past energy through energy alchemy and cleanse your chakras. I hope this resonates with you. If it does , I’d love to do a reading for you ❤️


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