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👆 Tap that 🛎 to be notified when I am available for readings. 🙏 ❗READ BIO AND ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BOOKING❗ ~~~~🧚‍♀️ SERVICES 👽~~~~ ✨️Career readings ✨️Love readings ✨️Yes/no readings ✨️Cleansing ✨️Guided meditation ✨️ Spiritual guidance ✨️Past life readings ✨️Predictions ✨️Aura reading ✨️To book a guided meditation, past life reading, aura reading or an energy cleanse you must book a live video call with me for a minimum of 30/45 minutes. You need to be in a quiet space where we will be undisturbed.✨️ 👽🔮🧚‍♀️ ❗ I WILL NOT GUARANTEE TIMELINES, REVIEW MY POLICY ON TIMING❗️ 🖤 BOUNDARIES FOR FOLLOW UP/CLARIFYING QUESTIONS: I am happy to answer a clarifying question regarding your reading if need be. Anything more than that will require you to book more time or to purchase another recorded reading. For clarity here's what a follow up/clarifying question should consist of and what it is not; ✔️Asking for clarification about something that was said. ✔️Asking me to elaborate further on a prediction or insight made during the reading. 🚫Asking off topic questions. No changing subjects. 🚫Asking me to read further into the situation once the reading is completed. 👽🔮🧚‍♀️ 🔮I require an accurate description of where things stand in your situation at the time you order the reading. I am not interested in playing test the psychic. If you do not open up, I cannot connect. If you do not provide me with a description I reserve the right to reject the reading. If you are vague you will get vague answers. Psychic, tarot, any kind of reading is an ENERGY EXCHANGE, you will only get out of me what YOU put into the reading.🔮 🙏 When you book a service with me you will receive a judgement free environment, compassion, understanding and honest insight. I strive to hold a safe space for you to express yourself unashamedly and authentically. It is my goal to to provide you with spiritual guidance you can trust.🙏 👽🔮🧚‍♀️ ❗️I reserve the right to reject any reading I don't feel I align with.❗️ ❗DISCLAIMERS❗ *Do NOT book with me if you aren't prepared for the truth. I do NOT sugarcoat things or mince words, if you are sensitive or feel highly attached to the outcomes of your reading then I am not the reader for you. DO NOT book with me if do not want guidance (this means advice for how to change your current circumstances and get what you want out of life). I cannot control the messages Spirit has for you.* Do not place restrictions on me or try to control the way that I read because I will reject your reading. I use my intuition 1st and I use my cards to confirm, even if I'm doing a psychic or mediumship reading I'm going to use my cards if you don't want tarot cards don't get a reading from me.*


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