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I am Tarot, Angel,Orcale,Gold Endorsed Lenormand card reader by world Divination association. I do Tarot card reading I do Lenormand card reading I do Angel card reading I do orcale card reading I do Numerology Analysis I am a intuitive,empath and a system reader,all these qualities help me to nail my readings. I am a very straightforward person & a reader, what l will see in the cards will be told to you honestly without sugar coating not to scare you but to empower you.So if you are open to hear what l see you made the right choice to book your reading with me. I have experties in love, relationship besides this l can also help you with career, fiancial situation, family situations, making the right choice. 💗LOVE &RELATIONSHIP READING 💗 I CAN HELP YOU TO KNOW 💕Did you choose the right person as your partner? 💕Are they in love with you ? 💕Their current feelings & thoughts for you? 💕Are they in a third party situation? 💕will you reconcile with your ex or current partner ? 💕A tentative time frame for reconciliation, it will depend on the current energies around your situation,but if anything changes in the situation the time frame MAY DIFFER. 💕what would be a better choice to be in relationship with the person, waiting for them or move on? And much more . 📕CAREER READING 📕 💰FINANCIAL READING 💰 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 FAMILY SITUATION 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 ✅CHOOSING THE BEST OPTION ✅ ❌I am not a medium so l won’t be able to connect you to your deceased one’s.❌ ❌NOTE:I DON’T DO HEALTH READINGS,SO WILL NOT DO ANY READING RELATED TO HEALTH & MEDICAL ISSUES,I DON’T DO READINGS RELATED TO DEATH & SPELL WORK NOR GAMBLE READING.❌ ❌IF YOU GAVE ME NEGATIVE REVIEW IN PAST,I WON’T READ FOR YOU IN FUTURE.SO PLEASE DON’T BOOK A READING WITH ME.❌ ✅INFORMATION REQUIRED I would be needing your name,gender (as the same name is used universally for different gender), if the reading involves anyone else their name,gender,date of birth.l also need a little background around your situation.l won’t be able to do the reading without the above information.l need specific questions, the reason the more specific your questions are the more accurately l will be able to read.✅ 🌸FOR PURPLE OCEAN SESSION 🌸 ✅For 24 hrs order & one hour order you can ask one question if you want to asked more for that you need to opt for live chat, voice or video call for longer duration then 3 minutes ✅ ❌If its a sale or if l am a staff pick, l will answer only one question in the order & even in message section as l would be having other orders in hand to do,so l will be replying to just any clarification on the reading done in the order and no additional questions will be done❌ TRYOUTS ❌l do not continue a try out in the comments section. I am more than happy to continue the reading on a separate call.❌ 🌸FOR SESSION THROUGH PURPLE GARDEN🌸 ✅Its definetly your choice how many minutes session you book. But remember in a 5 minutes reading start with one question and l can answer max upto 2 questions If you want more question you need to book longer time reading and 2 question limits apply to all additional 5 minutes session too ✅ ❌LIVE CHATS:This is especially for live chat reading.I need all the above details asked in,” information required “besides that after you have posted a questions, l would need time to read what you wrote, then little time to take out cards & after that l will post the reading. Untill l have not done your current question, please don’t post the next questions so that l don’t miss out on any of your question.As you post additional messages the previous messages tends to go up and l need to scroll them down to read,wasting your & my time too, so shooting back to back messages won’t help.❌ 🌸But for in dept reading for any life area like ( love, relationship,career,family issues) you need to book a longer voice or video session. The reason if l have a longer time l can use multiple spresds & systems to do the reading. AS THE NEW YEAR IS ROUND THE CORNER.YOU CAN GET YOUR YEARLY READING FOR 2024-25 YOU HAVE TWO OPTIONS Mention the one you want to opt while you book your reading. OPTION ONE 🌸For the year ahead reading through Tarot card 🌸 Which will cover one life areas either personal or career or finances for coming 12 months, one card for each month & one card for over all energy for the year would be taken out, so total 13 card will be read for you, so you would need to book a 30 minutes session for chat call & 20 minutes through voice or video call. OPTION TWO 🌸There is another option for the year ahead reading. In which 37 cards will be read for you. Three cards for each month will be taken out covering your three important life area personal, career and finance. One card for the over all theme of the year will be taken out. So ( 3*12=36+1 =37 cards) will be read for you. So you need to book a longer voice or video session as l need to cover 12 momths. ☘️ Book your reading with me on purple ocean & purple garden ☘️ 👩‍💻👩‍💻WORKING HOURS 👩‍💻👩‍💻 9 am IST to 11 pm IST 11pm EST to 11 am EST


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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