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Accurate and detailed Psychic Readings through various methods, such as: Tarot, Oracle, Runes, Bones and scrying (mirror and crystal ball). Answers are provided by my Goddess Hecate & anyone She may send to the Reading (She may allow your guides to step forward, on occasion). 🚦PLEASE NOTE: RUSH & TIDE READINGS: * Strictly 1 question; * 1 clarification question, related to the actual reading, in the comments section. STANDARD ORDERS: * If I have time to answer more than 1 question, then I will do so. * Otherwise only your 1st question, or as many as I can manage, will be addressed. * 2 clarification questions, related to the actual reading, in the comments section. ❗️First name/nickname required. ‼️Clear question required! ❌ No “tell me what you see” and “read my mind”. There’s lots to see and 3 minutes is too short to record all that is seen under that statement! I’m also not offering mind-reading services to find out what EXACTLY it is you want to know through an order. ‼️If you refuse to provide a clear question, then I will refer your Order to Support. ❌ No additional questions in messages. ❌ CLIENTS WITH “PSYCHIC & EMPATH” abilities. Welcome! However. If you should be copying & pasting negative reviews throughout this platform, and specifically with me, because Advisors arent referring to your “magnetic attraction” as being “twin flames” in nature: please note that you will not receive any further Readings from me. I encourage development of psychic & empath gifts. I do not encourage copy & paste negative & other negative spun reviews because you arent hearing the exact words that you want to hear. If you are wanting to clarify a specific kind of connection: then state such in your order. ❌ CLARIFICATION QUESTIONS ARE NOT USUALLY ASKED 10 DAYS + AFTER A READING AND AS COMPLETELY NEW QUESTIONS, UNDER THE TERM “CLARIFICATION”. I WILL NOT READ FOR RETURNING CLIENTS WHO LEAVE NEGATIVE REVIEWS BECAUSE I WILL NOT PROVIDE A FREE READING AS THEIR “CLARIFICATION” TO A COMPLETED ORDER. Clarification questions have always been clearly defined under Ordering instructions. ❌ I will NOT do Readings on celebrities. ❌ No unrelated 3rd party questions (i.e asking for friends/family or any situation that has no direct impact on the querent) ❌ I do not offer mediumship Readings, from departed loved ones, via public Psychic Platforms ❌ No remote viewing for lost items/pets/people etc ❌ No lottery/gambling/legal/health related questions. 🚦See Ordering Instructions on 24 hour & rush requirements including clarification questions. 🚦KINDLY REFER TO ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS RE. THE READING OF TIMING. 🚦TIMING IS NOT DEFINITE IN READINGS AS IT’S ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN CLEARLY HIGHLIGHTED UNDER ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS. I WILL NOT READ FOR RETURNING CLIENTS WHO LEAVE NEGATIVE REVIEWS BECAUSE THEY FAILED TO READ THE DETAILS UNDER ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PLACING THEIR ORDER. ❗️Some predictions manifest almost immediately. But some take time! Readings typically can take up to a year to manifest - this is NOT unusual. You play a crucial role in timing, as well! Be patient and realistic with your timing expectations. Spirit is not untruthful! 🚦If a Reading is not what you want to hear: my Readings are honest & I do not adjust them for the sake of reviews or any other reason. THANK YOU!


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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