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I am a deeply intuitive tarot card reader and spiritual consultant, and I offer answers that are clear and specific to help guide you towards your truest potential. I work closely with each of my clients to identify areas of their life the cards can shed light on, and together we explore the possibilities for growth and change during a reading. The cards often show us what we least expect, and together the client and I navigate that exciting journey of self-discovery. Please note: Asking questions such as "When will he/she reach out and contact me again?" is not ideal. It's far better to ask a specific question about what YOU can do to be in the best place to receive love. Time frames are extremely challenging for any reader to predict because you are often asking the reader to read what someone else will do who is not even present in the reading. Asking questions such as "What does he/she think about me?" is not ideal if you have not had contact with them within the the last 6 months. After time, energy shifts and it's hard to read someone who is not physically in the picture. Always remember: the more specific the question, the more specific the answer!


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