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Welcome to my page! Please make sure you fully read before placing an order with me. I am a certified professional life coach who provides strong, honest and accurate readings in relationships, education and career. I do not sugarcoat. I use a nontraditional culturally centered and inclusive deck. As an intuitive reader I do not adhere to traditional or standard interpretations of tarot cards. So if you are looking for a traditional reader or just one of the two separately, I am not the advisor for you. This also means that I do not probably do any spread that you are accustomed to seeing and I that I may pull several cards to get to your answer. I do aim to be detailed but if your questions are not presented appropriately it can impact the depth of the information you receive. If you ask for a general reading, expect that you will get a general answer. I work best with specific questions. I do not read soul mates or twin flames in the way it has been popularized. Please be open to hear what I have to say if you ask me that question. Also, I cannot tell you if someone is your forever. Instead, we can look at the possibilities of the relationship and changes you may need to make if any. Timing is fluid, dependent on events and lessons parties must learn and can be impacted by a number of factors including individual will and actions you and an individual take that may be considered repeating mistakes or taking steps backwards. Although I have been told I am gifted with timing, I make NO guarantees in this area. Though I have been told I am accurate, understand that no ouctome is written in stone. Energies can and do shift. For professional life coaching and advise on what to do as opposed to questions on what may happen in current energy, connect live via phone, chat or Bitwine for at least 10 minutes. Ask specific questions. 2-3 questions on same topic per video order on Purple Ocean 2 clarification questions on Purple Ocean orders if messaging doesn't expire. I am only able to answer clarification questions on Purple Garden if I am not in another reading and messaging does not expire. Any question not asked and answered in session cannot be asked, answered or clarified in messaging. Please order a new session. Use your time wisely. Cutting and pasting your questions will delay the process. 1 question at a time please. Note: On sale days, I may not be able to get to clarification questions. I do not answer questions on the following: Medical(including death, pregnancy, and paternity) Legal(including whether a divorce or marriage will or will not happen) Financial (including investments, Iottery or gambling) Questions on non-existent energies(i.e. if and/or when the next one is coming) What another advisor told you A negative review ends our client/advisor relationship.


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