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Welcome to my page! My old rates are back but guidelines have changed. Please read to make sure what you are seeking are within the services I offer. I am a certified professional life coach who provides guidance in relationships, career and education using tarot as a medium. As an intuitive and culturally centered reader trained in cultural rituals and practices and decolonization, I do not adhere to traditional meanings or spreads of tarot cards. I am an intuitive reader who goes by what I see and feel and what the cards mean based on the data I have collected over the years. To give you an example of my training and personal practices, I am of African descent and have a deep understanding of syncretism, traditional practices and Africanisms as well as the indigenous ways of many Nations. At the age of 4, my gifts presented themselves in the form of stories told to me by my ancestors who communicated with me in my dreams. My ancestors remain my source. Because I grew up in ritual practices which I still practice to this day to honor them, it is important to understand that they are the ones who are speaking when you connect with me. Thus, the requests I have here are their requests and if they are not followed they will not allow me to read for you or be of assistance to you. I do not provide readings on the following topics: Medical(including birth, death, pregnancies, paternity) Legal(including marriage or divorce outcomes) Financial Investments/Outcomes Gambling or lottery questions Celebrities Mediumship Dream Interpretation or Analysis Magic, Curses, Energy Work, Manifestation Other Readers or Advisors If or when the next person is coming Physical Attributes I do not sell pipedreams. So if you are coming to me with a popularized view of a soulmate or twin flame connection, be prepared to hear what these terms mean and what is really going on in the connection. General questions do not yield specifics. If you play test the psychic or are rude or you take advantage of my time or energy I will not respond or read for you. Respect my time and energy. You wouldn't work for free. So do not ask me questions and expect me to answer if I am not getting paid for my time and energy. Understand that no one is 100% accurate and no ouctome is etched in stone. While I have been told I am accurate even when it comes to timelines there are many factors that can cause change; and I make no guarantees. Order instructions: 2-3 questions on one topic or POI on Purple Ocean Use question section to state your 2-3 questions so there is no confusion 1 clairfication question by my discretion allowed on non sale days if I have time New questions require a new order Thank you in advance to those of you who leave positive reviews and respect my time, energy, and ancestors. Please note that if you leave a negative review or you are dishonest in your review or you are abusive including asking me questions for which you are not paying for in messaging you will be ignored and I may not read for you again. A negative review ends our client/advisor relationship. No advice given on Purple Ocean. Please connect for at least 10 minutes via Purple Garden or Bitwine(chat only) for advice. Cheaper rates and specials and packages on Bitwine:


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