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Proven accuracy from years of ☀️Tarot readings ☀️Horoscope analysis ☀️Vedic Astrology ☀️Planetary transit Predictions ☀️Angel Guidance ☀️Insights and motivation. I am non-judgemental, honest, fun, direct, very compassionate and empathetic. Come with an Open mind to receive clarity, guidance, solutions and motivation you are seeking. With new and thousands of repeat clients that i am happy to have helped and helping gain clarity and insights as a medium. I do ➡️TIME FRAME ⏳ AND ➡️ZODIAC SIGNS ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓ ☀️ I DONT SUGARCOAT. You will get a very honest reading from me. I convey the messages the cards are wanting you to know. Sometime they give message about situations that are crucial for your well being and should be look into. 💞THERE IS FREE WILL and to use it you have to take the appropriate action. SITUATIONS AND ENERGY CHANGES, WHEN ONE DECIDES TO BE OPEN TO RECIEVING GUIDANCE AND INSIGHTS. ❤️ BE OPEN to receiving the honest , transparent messages from the Cards" as it will help you choose wisely and a better path to manifesting your desires ❤️ VIDEO Orders: 🔺STANDARD ORDERS: 1 question 🔺RUSH ORDERS: 2/3 questions (Max) ⭐Tarot card reading ⭐Love and Relationship guidance ⭐Angel Reading ⭐Oracle Reading ⭐Astrology ⭐Personalized Horoscope 🌟VEDIC ASTROLOGY ⭐Transiting planetary insights ⭐Switchwords ⭐Crystal Therapy ⭐Affirmations ⭐Cord cutting meditation (15mins) ⭐Career Path Appreciate you all. Thank you for the support and kind reviews🙏 I am happy to be able to help you gain clarity and guidance. Love and light 💜😇


Astrology & Horoscopes, Tarot readings, Love readings

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