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⚠️ I DON’T answer follow up questions anymore. I will do my best to clarify everything in the 3min Video, if it gets cut I add the information in text. I ONLY Add in text the information when I didn’t get the time to explain everything or answer all questions in video. . If more questions come up, the follow up request is usually at a discount rate of 5$ if made right after receiving the order. I do all follow ups 5$ right away no need to wait 24h. My schedule is quite limited. Thank You for understanding 🙏🏼❤️ • I usually don’t do timeframes. Please don’t ask. If it comes through the reading I will let you know. • I Love and Appreciate You All ~ Thank You for the Support and the kind Reviews ❤️ • My name is Aya Ashe, I am a Tarot Reader, Master Cosmo Healer & I work with Palo Spirits. • IMPORTANT: make sure to provide Full Name & Date of Birth ( day/month/year) for accurate Readings Missing or wrong information might lead to distorted results. • 🌙 I advise to get a reading on a specific matter every moon cycle or at least 3 or 4 weeks in between for things to materialize. ~ The energy flows and changes every moon cycle, each one of us has Free Will and can change the outcome of what usually should happen. So YOU have the power to change an unwanted outcome that might come up in the reading and I usually will tell you how. ~ Keep in mind that taking readings too many times in a short period on the same subject and going to different readers giving different results will mess the energies up and leave you confused. We all work differently and connect differently please respect our work individually 🪷 ~ We are not allowed to touch any discussion on the following subjects: -Black Magic, Entities, manipulation by energy workers & other similar It doesn’t mean it is not there, or we disbelieve it, it’s simply the guidelines of the Platform. Please Respect that. I will not give you answer to these questions if asked in a reading. Same goes for: Medical Issues, Legal Matters, Pregnancy.


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