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⭐ACCURATE⭐HONEST⭐FAST⭐ PLEASE READ: The people below who left negative reviews, did that because I refuse to lie and tell them what they insist on hearing. So if you want to hear only what you WANT will happen, then please choose another reader! Growing is always challenging! If you are ready to grow, then please choose me! 🌱🌅😊 👉Hit the 🔔 above to be notified when I am online👈 *Please READ before contacting! Please give your NAME and your POI's NAME. 2 questions MAXIMUM for video orders! I need a CONTEXT (current situation) and a QUESTION. If your question is TIME sensitive, e.g. "WHEN will I meet someone/ break up" or "WHEN will I get a job/ promotion", then you HAVE to give me your 1) TIME of birth🕒, 2) PLACE (town & country)🌇 of birth and 3) DATE of birth📅. If you don't, I can't see an accurate timeline for you. *Only ONE clarifying question after a reading is ended* *As per the Ts&Cs of Puple Ocean- no readings on medical or legal issues, and no financial advice can be given* *I don't use the terms "soulmate" and "twinflame", because I find these disempowering. It implies that there is someone out there that will make your life "complete" and then you'll be happy. It also implies that there is "only one" person that can "make you happy" and that is simply not the case. Happiness comes from understanding and removing your own blocks, working with Divine Timing. *Astrological Readings*🪐☀️🌒✨ Astrology is the ancient art of understanding cosmic patterns and applying them to everyday life, in order to help you lead a more fulfilling life – your best life! :) When looking at your astrological chart, I can see what the cosmic energy is doing and how that reflects your life cycles, past, present and future. Since you have free will, this does not dictate your life, but it gives you a frame work in which to make your life decisions. Through your natal chart, I also intuitively connect with your higher self and see how you want to express yourself in your current situation and what lessons your soul wants to learn at this point in time. When I see your astrological chart, your patterns of behaviour are clear to me. I give intuitive spiritual guidance on how I see the universal energy and your own soul energy connecting, which will empower you for the present and future. *Astrocartography* This branch of Astrology informs us which cities/towns and regions on the globe will be best/worst for us. So before you relocate, have a look at what parts of your personality will be highlighted in your chose location. If you would like an astrological reading, please provide your 1) Date of birth, 2) time of birth and 3) place of birth (town/city, state/province and country). If you do not have the time, please mention that. I can still read the planetary positions, but the angles of the chart will be lost, meaning that the forecast timings will be slightly out. Please note that I can not read a chart of someone unknown, so questions such as "what will my future spouse look/be like" can't be answered. *Tarot Readings*👸🤴 These are more short, sharp readings than the astrological readings. I have read the RWS deck for years and most recently added the Thoth deck to my collection, which also incorporates astrological information and works in a more esoteric way. With these readings I tune into the cosmic energies via the symbolism of the cards to get clarity on your situation. The cards show me the energy of the people involved and how your energy interacts with them. They also show me different outcomes to different actions that you make take, so your higher self guides you in this way, through the cards.


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