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😇It’s no coincidence that you’re here😇 💜 Hello and welcome! 💜 💎I connect to your energy and aura with ease, providing you clear and honest answers to your life's questions. 💎I am a straight forward, honest reader who does not sugar coat or offer fairy tales. I tell it like I see it, and do not waste time getting to the point. You will always come away from my readings with clarity and more than you asked for. 💎LGBQT friendly, compassionate and non-judgemental, so you can feel comfortable asking your questions. 💎As a Clairvoyant, I am able to tap into your energy and tune into your situations quickly, and offer Spirit guidance on your most pressing questions, helping you walk away with clarity and peace. 💎As an Aura reader, I can see your aura colours (as seen in Cosmopolitan) which tell me many things…your current struggles/blockages, past issues, and possible future outcomes. Seeing your aura helps me to guide you on your correct path. If you’d like to know your aura colours just ask! 💎As a Medium, I can connect with your past loved ones to provide clarity and divine messages you are meant to hear at this time. 😇 SERVICES & READINGS OFFERED: ✔️Love & Relationship ✔️Career & Money ✔️Aura readings ✔️Connecting with past loved ones ✔️Manifesting/Law of Attraction ✔️Reiki healing ✔️Life Coaching ✔️Letting go/cord cutting ✔️Meditation teaching ➡️ I am only on here part-time as I have a full-time career, so if you are looking for me please use the nudge button and I will try and hop on. ⭐️🧿TIPS FOR BEST READINGS⭐️🧿: ✅Please provide *detailed* questions as you will get *detailed* answers. Always include your first name and that of the POI and describe the context of the situation. If you aren’t clear, the reading will be general in nature. The goal is to provide specific insight and clarity into the situation in the shortest amount of time. NOTE: Any reviews that falsify the reading will be reported, and you may be banned from using the app. ➡️Please be aware that sometimes you may not like the answer I give, however know that I always come from a place of love. If your guides are trying to steer you away from a situation or person, they are trying to protect you and guide you on the correct path. “Don’t shoot the messenger”, or leave a negative review if you didn’t like the answer. 🧿Timeframes: are only provided if my Guides offer them, please do not pressure for one. Keep in mind that the intent or will of others, external circumstances, actions or non-actions by others involved may affect the outcome. 🌀Do not compare me to other readers. I cannot control what other psychics tell you. I am honest and tell it like I see it. If you don’t want honesty then please choose another reader. ❌THINGS I DON’T DO: 🚫 I don’t do free follow up questions in chat. 🚫 I don’t answer health, legal, lottery or pregnancy related questions per Purple Ocean policies. ❗️DISCLAIMER: My readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not to be replaced by professional advice. By choosing me as your reader, you accept this disclaimer.


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