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About my services

Hello my lovely, I am an experienced tarot reader, spiritual coach and energy healer. I am incredibly passionate about helping women gain clarity on their situation and improve their relationships with themselves and others. I am an intuitive empath that is both clairsentient and claircongnizant and am very open minded. I have lived a very colourful life with a rainbow of experiences and truly do not pass judgement. I love that those that work with me feel so comfortable in my presence and will always aim to create that safe space for you. I am an honest but tactful reader and understand that the information I am guided to share with you may be difficult to hear. I am a qualified spiritual coach and energy healer. I was drawn to start using tarot as a tool and channeling my messages came as somewhat a surprise if I am honest. I was so apprehensive about reading for others when I started but have always had such great feedback and it encouraged me to keep on going and growing. It feels second nature now. I'm a confident, honest, in depth reader, I like to get to the root and my collective skills allows me to interpret and advise accurately, from a place of support and respect. My motto is to treat others as I hope to be treated and I will do so and more. Please understand that within a 3 minute reading I may not be able to answer a large list of questions but will answer with as much depth as I can. I will be online each Monday for the time being (with the hopes that I will be able to increase this over time).


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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