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I'm here to provide you with caring, honest guidance to navigate life's challenges with clarity and move forward on your path to happiness and success.  As a certified life coach, licensed therapist, and intuitive advisor with over 30 years of experience, I use my expertise in psychology, spirituality, and human behavior to help you gain profound insights and practical solutions, even in the most difficult situations.  My approach is direct yet compassionate - I won't sugarcoat the truth, but I will always share it from a place of genuine care and sensitivity. 😊 I can help you with: • Gaining clarity in confusing situations • Healing from painful breakups and heartache • Improving communication in relationships • Making important life decisions with confidence • Overcoming obstacles and setbacks • Developing your intuition and spiritual connection About the readings I offer and tools I use: I don't rely on divination tools like tarot cards or pendulums. Instead, I tap into the innate wisdom and intuition that we all possess.  Through our conversations, I'll help you access your own inner knowing and develop your spiritual insight. We'll work together to find the answers and guidance you seek within yourself. Please read this before you reach out: Come to me with an open mind and heart, ready to explore your truth. The more honest and vulnerable you can be, the more I can help. Change and growth require courage, but I'll be there to support you every step of the way.  While I will always be caring, I'll also be straightforward - my goal is to empower you, not tell you only what you want to hear. The kinds of readings I don't offer: • I do not make predictions or guarantee specific outcomes. • My role is to help you access your own wisdom to make decisions and navigate challenges. • I also don't perform spells, energy work, or any practices that aim to influence others or interfere with free will.


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