Katie Lynn

Highly successful spiritual love advisor
8.3h average response
99.5% on-time delivery

About my services

Find answers today. Professional no nonsense accurate information. If what I see is not exactly as you wish, the answers can still empower you to move forward to the direct path of success. One question per session, or one primary question and not 10 in a 3 minute span please?  I have to smile when someone quickly types an answer at the very last 2-3 seconds, because I may be getting ready to get offline or unable to answer followups. Please try to ask primarily one very specific question to start, though I do try always to comply and answer and think very fast and do talk to text this is not something that can be done fast if you require accuracy and I know you do. My bottom line - to be accurate and compassionate in my delivery. I can direct the session with tools you can use, unique wonderful ideas for you to empower yourself more in all ways depending on the question(s). Breakups, love, relationship situations including career advise can be very pressing and of course cause a great deal of anxiety. I am also here to help ease any anxiety as someone who genuinely understands the power of love and with unique ways to manifest more into your life. I love saying no Hocus pocus all divine-given natural energies and insight given.  As a strong intuitive with strong empath and compassionate metaphysical connections I do employ a very soft voice but authoritative energy because I have practiced to my own success, and to the success of tens of thousands of others. I will never hurt you intentionally, so if there is bad news I will work hard to present it in a way that you can handle I promise not just throw it out there in a way as to ‘just deal with it’ type of very direct attitude. I prefer utmost respect for all human life and emotion moreso than the average lifecoach or spiritual/metaphysical adviser. Again, I am gifted with fast-thinking, I feel and see things very quick and I have an abundance of practical knowledge with an AA degree in Social Work and a continuous student of Religion and Cultural beliefs, including Philosphy. Since youth a prodigy thinker, in all cases being humble to the divine. I have a strong and successful following and my experience is vast. Voted most Accurate, Top Rated still, I provide a reputable no-nonsense service.  In my practice I find 99% of success comes from a strong mind connection with others especially in relationships and I am here to help you understand more how that works. As for timelines they are super hard and are dependent on whether or not I feel you will take the insights offered into serious action and other factors also numerous I prefer to stick with outcomes only and not ask for timelines as we know if we work toward what we desire in specific and pure ways we can accomplish much faster being humble to the divine.  Please if I am able I will follow up in messaging, in fact I love to followup if I have time, but because I come online mainly on weekends I find myself busy when I do come online. I do everything possible to be accurate in all that I say. I am a certified Master life business coach and I am proud of being considered an expert in my field, and to have the credentials to prove it.  Please ask specific questions to start so I can read the situation clearly and you will get the specific answers to your questions this way. Nothing is worse than a work situation being off or stuck in a relationship issue.  Let me help with the insight you need.  Genuinely looking forward to speaking with you soon and looking deeper into your situation.


Oracle guidance, Angel insights, Love readings

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