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3benefits of deciding to have a reading with UK Junko! Merit 1 I will explain it astrologically your current things& advice. This illustration over explanation is popular with clients when they understand themselves well. This repetition leads to "meeting your true self." Merit 2 I will check timing of when and how to approach to expand your great chances to meet / brush up yourself. merit 3 It is hard to deal a problem (s) or overcome something on your own. ★★★ I cannot accept these clients ★★★ I cannot accept such consultations. ☆Those who are worried about violence. ☆Those who are worried about drug dependence. ☆Those who are worried about self-harm. If you are concerning with as such, please consult a specialized medical institution. I have faced many people as an astrologer who solves the problems of self-affirmation of relationships and the problems of couples, and you who are reading my profile seriously now also receive my counseling. However, I would like to ask those who receive my astrologer to solve their problems, but ONLY those who really want to solve their current state and relationships. ★★★  I would like only those who understand this to be more than welcome to use my astrologer reading.  ★★★ ♥Those who face themselves and are interested in their own minds and ways of thinking. Because just leaving it to an astrologer or psychic will not lead to change. 💓Those who left a negative review or participate for the purpose of teasing will not be welcome. 💓 And those who provide accurate information about you! Please tell us not only "birthday" but also "birth time" (birth time) and "birth place (country name, city name)" in detail. ❤️ Please provide your first name and your question( no more than 2 questions/reading) 🕉I’m a Vedic astrologer. Astrology is an ancient wisdom that can give insights to help you understand the complexity of your body and mind and how to be best prepared to deal with your life as it unfolds. According to Astrology there is a connected pattern between the structure of the solar system and the biomechanical structure of the body and mind. Each sign and planet is connected with different body parts. When you were gestating the pattern of electro-magnetic forces from the Sun and the planets impacted every aspect of your development and that imprint continues to interact with the changing presentation of these celestial energetic forces Working on an astrological chart prepared by an expert based on when and where you were born, one can understand what tendencies you have. Vedic astrology is also known as Jyotish or Indian astrology. (5000 years history!) I am also an advisor who gives your honest opinion and advices according to statics, vedic science. I am devoted to the Mission to give them real advice and follow their path. 🙏 should you feel you need to clarification on my answer I will gladly give you answers to ask about my answer to your question as soon as I can. 🙏 I am not giving you advice on gambling nor healthy issues, anything related to spells. Visa company rules and regulations📖 🕉 Again, I only can providr readings to those who provide accurate information about you! Please tell us not only "birthday" but also "birth time" (birth time) and "birth place (country name, city name)" in detail. I want all people to know that I don't do match making reading, nor love potential relationship questions. Because I want more than 3 minutes to answer that and I cannot accommodate questions for a couple.


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