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♾ Pls read before you connect ♾ I work as a spiritual guide and channel and teach those activated/awakened by love. Whilst labels (as you’ll see if you read on) are not without distortion i will use them to communicate here in quotation marks: ✨ “light-worker” 🔥🪞”mirrored soul” / “twinflame” ☯️ “Divine counterpart” 🖤 ✨You will find true soul guidance here, the ego mind may be triggered/challanged but this is a part of the process and will support your ascension and alignment. 💜🌊What to expect on a PO read: I will connect with the energy and channel for as long as permitted. Often i receive way too much energy to compress/unpick within the alotted time and will add these as “extra messages” on chat. I recomend you take advantage of the Apps “follow up” read if you feel guided to delve deeper into any of the channeled messages or wish to book a live session on PG following an initial read. On a follow up you can expect your focused channeled messages and can use the chat to arrange times when i am free/not teaching in my own practice and may be convenient to you). 💜🪴What to expect on a PG read: I love connecting live as i can feel the energy shifts and provide channeled messages as well as intuitive guidance. I recomend this format if the circumstances are complex and/or you are ready and open to commit to you(r) soul alignment/ascention. I can teach more freely in this format and it provides a flow and continuity that isn’t possible on a PO read. This is also the most popular format for mirror soul and divine counterpartnerships as we can point and start shifting distortions and blocks and shift some misconceptions and perceptions! Whilst i dont normally offer video (i find that this can detract from the focus on the energy as it gives the mind more things to focus on, lable, compare, judge)- i will open this occasionally for those whom feel this is a more supportive format. Most of my students/clients have “best results” during and following voice calls ✨ *before you connect make sure to center yourself in your heart* taking a few deep breathes and keeping your awareness focused on this process will allow a clearer read even when there is some fog/confusion… Read on if you’d like to connect further with my energy, otherwise… Grateful to connect when you feel called! Love, a Spirituality is not about labels and structures; I read intuitively, simply translating energy and guiding you in honing your own intuition. People have often said I see through them; I am in unity consciousness and that means here and *now* ; energy is infinite and therefore timeless and I will point out the truth behind each energy to foster and suport your expansion. If you’d like guidance in a twin flame situation; know that this is *your* soul journey and it’s not about “another” person... As within so without... no sugar coating here but a whole lot of Love, because... well... it is the only “thing” that was ever real... love, a


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