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Hi! Im a second generation psychic who specializes in aura readings. I can see peoples’ auras through both my physical eyes and my mind’s eye. Seeing peoples’ auras really help fine tune my readings and provide more detailed points to the questions you may be asking. 🖤PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A BAD REVIEW IF YOU DIDN’T GET THE ANSWER YOU WERE LOOKING FOR. I AM ALWAYS HONEST AND KIND. I WILL NEVER LIE ABOUT A MESSAGE SPIRIT WOULD LIKE TO GIVE YOU🖤 What you may receive in a reading from me: ✨A yes or no answer to your question, if you’d like to keep it short. ✨A “yes, and” answer provided by my intuition with the guide of spirit. ✨Answers to career questions such as “is this job for me? Will i get the promotion? Can you see me advancing at this job?” ✨Answers to personal questions such as “am i on the right track in life? Do i have spiritual gifts? Is this situation going to benefit my mental health? ✨Answers to romance questions such as “am i supposed to get back with this person? Is this person my soulmate? Have i met the person i will marry?” ✨Guidance from spirit in most aspects in life. ✨I can look into where your energy is stuck in order to help you move forward. ✨I can give you insight into a past life, if needed. ✨I can tap into your animal’s energy to give you insight on what’s going on with them. What i DON’T do: ❌I will not look into other peoples’ energy. It is a violation of privacy. ❌Depending on the question, i like to keep children out of it. ❌I do not provide medical advice. I can send an energy clearing your way, but i do not diagnose, or treat medical issues. ❌i do not look into negative energies that may be attached to you or your home. This is a personal choice to protect myself. 🤍I would love to help give you guidance and be a vessel between you and spirit. Im happy to help!


Angel insights, Oracle guidance, Psychic readings

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