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Hello! Gratitude for you for stopping by my profile and considering me to read your energy!☺️ I am an energy reader.🕯️ My tool of choice is Tarot and Oracle cards. (Cards are dear to me because I come from a card playing family) I also use a pendulum when spirit calls for it.   🌷Please be a darling and read Bio before booking🌷 I hope you read throughout and not interpret it as coming off harsh. I sincerely want the best experience for you with me☺️ 🪄I require specific questions regarding a topic. No general readings. General reading gives general responses and can sometimes be all over the place. I strive for you to get your money’s worth. Specific questions help with accuracy so that you may be guided to the best choice to make in a situation. 🪄If you are unsure what questions you NEED to ask so that you may have the clearest clarity. That’s okay I am here to help you narrow it down. And that is without you giving me details on the situation 😉 🪄No questions concerning medical issues in any way. This includes any questions related to pregnancy.   🪄No question concerning no type of court cases. In fact, if your question is related to any branch of laws decision. Please do not ask. 🪄No questions concerning the “Craft” There are many sites out there to help with that. An example of a question concerning the craft is “Has someone put a spell on me” 🪄No questions concerning what career field you should be in. Only you know. I can, however, help you figure out what you should do by helping Spirit speak through you. I encourage you to think of your passions and rethink this question. And once YOU find out what you want to do in life, I can help you from there easily. We will then be able to see the steps you need to take to be successful!   🪄When it comes to children under 18 there are many restrictions. There are few cases in which I will look into their energy and even then it will only be enough for the child's well-being . Children are the closest thing to Most high energy in humanity. Pure and innocent and I will not disrespect such precious being’s energy for anyone.   🪄No questions about a relationship that has ended a year and more ago with no contact. Most times the energy that will be read is the last energy the both of you shared. Lying about how long a break up has been will only cause you to waste your time and money. 🪄If you have lost contact with an ex for a year or so, that may mean that person doesn’t want you to know what is going on in their life and I will not read their energy to tell you. I would have to check and see if that person wants you to know. I feel that would waste time and your money. I respect their energy like I would respect yours. 🪄If there is nothing wrong with your relationship. There is no reason for you to read into it. Getting readings for fun can cause you to find out something you weren’t prepared to hear. Choose your topics wisely. 🪄Love reading is my specialty. We are all looking for love in some way. I will ALWAYS tell you what I am given and not what you want to hear. When it comes to love and career many can be sensitive and that is understandable. There are many times when one isn’t cheating. But then there are times that they are. Ask yourself before you get a reading. “Do I really want to know?” Think about how you would feel if you heard something in a reading that would make you angry. If you feel you wouldn’t be able to receive what is heard don’t ask! 🪄If you have gotten more than one reading on a topic. Please do not choose me as an additional. Some of us interact with your Ancestors so we can deliver the message in a way you will understand. Ancestors are who they were when they were in the physical and will grow tired of you and will begin making your readings confusing. There are times when they express this to us, but we have to continue the reading because you paid and we pride ourselves on being professional. And most don’t want to hear that their Ancestors Guides etc. has said “Stop asking.” And that is totally understandable. Please take this into consideration before doing this. 8 times out of ten the first message you got was the right one.


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