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My passion and purpose is to touch every person with love and light💫 I am here to give guidance with any questions regarding Love, Relationships, Soul Connections and Self Love❤ I use my Tarot and Oracle cards as tools to ensure the messages come through as clear and accurate as possible. As I meditate on the cards I often receive downloads from Divine which I like to include in my readings to give you every bit of information meant for you to know and hear! I am a very compassionate person and matters of the heart can be extremely hard but I truly believe that although the truth may not feel the greatest it is essential to growing and thriving on a 3D and 5D level! I will be very honest and upfront about the energies that come through with insight on how to utilize them to your advantage! 💫To get the most out of your reading please provide clear and honest information about your current situation. 💫Prepare specific questions (max 2 for 3 minute reading) so that specific answers and guidance come through quickly and accuratly! 💫When seeking guidance on a specific person please provide their Name and Date of birth including year. 💫Be understanding that everyone has freewill and most times the way to shift the situation w/ your POI is to make shifts within yourself to become a magnet to your desires! 💫I believe in channeling messages as they come through. If its not what you WANT to hear it is what you NEED to hear. I am here to help you navigate through anything challenging for the outcome of your highest good! 💫Due to freewill please be aware that timelines are never set in stone but luckily any work you do on yourself may help shift the timelines in your favor! ❗Important things to know before booking your reading❗ ▪General questions get general answers (be as specific as possible) ▪No pregnancy, medical or legal questions. ▪I do not provide any details or answer questions regarding third party situations...this is YOUR reading and the focus is on you and/or your POI. ▪Shifts do not occure overnight. With the insight and guidance given either it will get better or YOU will get better! ▪Keep an open mind and remember that even winding roads lead to beautiful places! If further clarity is needed, I will answer one clarifier question so please ask in the comments section. Additional questions will require you to order a new reading. I look forward to reading for you❣


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