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I am a professional witch, blogger and tarot reader. I offer honest readings that will help you explore yourself, bringing you in touch with parts you never knew existed. We will explore chapters of your life and limiting beliefs to challenge. We will become aware of the problem to realize a solution. We will remember your soul contract and life purpose. To perform an accurate reading I enlist the help of my guides, angels, spirits and loved ones. We can talk about life, romance and money- as well as the lessons you need to learn on your journey. I can also explore time lines and yes or no questions. READ BEFORE YOU BOOK!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE FULL CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY! The tarot should not dictate your life. You will always have opportunities to change the outcome of a situation. If you are not happy with what you hear, I encourage you to open your heart to the possibility of seeing the bigger picture of your situation. How can you take your power back? What can I learn from the no? How can I change that outcome? Together we can explore these themes. I want you to learn and grow from your reading. This can sometimes be uncomfortable but it can also be profound. Most of all I want you to be feel empowered. You are powerful. You are beautiful. You are infinitely blessed. The Universe loves you, let your reading be a gentle reminder and nudge in the right direction. 💗💗💗


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