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Hi, it's Glee here. I'm a very honest advisor that could tap and I could see through emotions and intentions, see thoughts, I'm a seer and I usually see visions with my readings and Spirits in people and other things. Please don't get a reading with ME if you can't accept the truth because I will be really honest and most of my negative reviews are from people who can't accept the Truth especially if it's opposite to what they expect. It's in my integrity & alignment to pure Truth to not sugarcoat anything so only come to ME when you want the TRUTH. ❇ Please take time to read my whole profile if there's anything I can be in service & help for you. I have my others services offered below. I love and give sincere readings for my clients and I love helping them move forward.💗 I tap into Christ, the angelic beings and heavenly and light beings as my guide for my readings. My supernatural encounters sharpened and made my abilities and gifts anointed by God and I see through realms, supernatural realms, portals and dimensions and tap into the psyche and see visions and memories, etc. Other Services: 📌CORD CUTTING I do Cord Cuttings for relationship cords if you want to cut cords from an ex or someone and gain your wholeness and clairy back. This is an energetic and spiritual session done for 30 minutes and more depends on your level of cords. This is done through Live Voice Calls or Video Calls. 📌 DIVINE COUNTERPARTS ACTIVATION & BLOCKAGES REMOVAL I also help remove blockages and manifest for your Divine Counterparts through Meditation and Engaging in that Realm. We could do this session on Live Voice Calls or Live Video Calls and we will need 30 minutes and more. Note: I will only do this for Divine Counterparts and I will not do this on just random love connections that are not truly meant to BE. So before coming to me for this, have a reading with me first to confirm if they are your Divine Counterparts. It's one of my MISSION to help Heavenly Matches and Divine Counterparts come together in union in this lifetime and for their purpose and higher connection to Source. I could help you Activate your Twin Soul/Soul Mate/Soul Flame Lifelong partner through my Activations and Meditations that removes blockages of your union. We will need 30 minutes atleast for this session through Live Video Calls only. ❇✴ Take note: Activation is for one time and we need follow up Meditations to remove blockages for good and for Harmonious union. So this is a process. I would really love to help you with. I tap into God Consciousness in Meditation as this is the most effective way and helps you come to Alignment. 📌 QUANTUM INNER HEALING I am facilitating my SOUL Retrieval + Quantum TRAUMA Healing where I help you Release Trapped Emotions, Cut off SOUL TIES & Cords Causing you Unhealthy Attachments and Gain Clarity and Energetic Relief. In my Quantum Energy Healing sessions and Psychic Readings, when I do Oracle Scanning, I literally pinpoint every aspect of people's subconscious Inner Child Wounds, Memories and or Energetic Imprinting that is taking place within their psyche and is unable to be seen by them because they are blocked to be able to access that timeline, energy, memories, pain body and energetic imprinting. To know more details about the Quantum Healing Session on how to book one, read below⬇️ For QUANTUM Healing Energy Sessions with me, we will need atleast 30 minutes to 1 hour of Live Voice or Video call here. [This is a journey and a process but a SESSION with me could immediately give you a BIG SHIFT.💥] Also if you will call me suddenly for a Quantum Healing Session, please be in your most ready, open and prepared state. Listening to a Meditative Music with Theta and Delta Waves is highly recommended before having a sudden session call with me.🔆 💠 TAKE NOTE: THERE IS ONLY ONE TO TWO QUESTIONS ALLOWED PER READING (For Standard & Rush Order Only) • Please be specific if you want specific answers too. ~ I will or may answer only one clarification question that is only related to the content of the reading. YOU CAN GET ANOTHER ORDER FOR ANOTHER TWO QUESTIONS. 📍 Or get into Live Chats or Live Voice/Video calls with me for your Unlimited Questions. 🌟 As I could pick up downloads and Psychic Readings FAST, ACCURATELY and Type and Reply Fast too.⚡ 🦋 My elevated and impeccable reading are a fold of Psychic Scanning, Oracle/Prophetic Guidance and Psychic Coaching with much LOVE, PURE HONESTY & Integrity. I'm channeling Christ. 💠 I especially specialize in connecting people to their Highest and Divine Self and Healing their Trauma and Quantum Energetic Fields, checking and removing the Blockages so they could Manifest their greatest desires and live their best lives and dreams COME TRUE and connect you deeper to God. I also specialize in Love and Twin Flame/Soul Flame match readings. 🌹 I can help you find who your true match made in heaven is through my seer giftings. You just have to sit back, relax and tell me what you need to know and more.💗 I speak TRUTH in LOVE Readings and I might get negative reviews for it. So don't come to me for LOVE Readings when you're not ready to hear the truth. When in Love Reading, IF I'VE DECIPHERED WHEN THE PERSON YOU'RE CHECKING IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU & YOU CAN'T ACCEPT OR IS NOT READY FOR THAT, THEN DON'T COME TO THIS READING as well.🧡 I really have the mission to CONNECT Soul Beloved/Twin Flames/Heaven Match Couples back together in this lifetime for God's purpose so I will be really thorough and honest with this type of reading.🌹💥 ✅ I also specialize in Career readings, your Mission and Blockages towards any of that. 🌟💥 As a Tranformation Coach on the sideline, this is is also my forté. I will guide you and give you strategies to level up and expand in this field.✨ I've been reading and guiding many entrepreneurs and influencers in their own respective fields.💠 But just some notice: 🚫 I don't specifically read on Business, Business Advice, Money Matters, and Financial Advice. More details on my Quantum Trauma/Energy Healing⬇️ 🚫 Disclaimer: I am not a Licensed Physician and I am an Energy Healer so all Information provided is not to be substituted for any type of professional, psychological and/or medical advice. ✅ I am a Transformation and Spiritual Coach who guides you to connect with the Source to access your deeper senses and intuition and discern for yourself the ways of life. I am a guide that helps people become their own guide too.🔥 I am always led by the Spirit of Christ so at times I will be very honest and more than thorough and articulate with my answers and sometimes, there are no answers or divine timing is not yet allowing it. I will always tell you the truth with compassion and understanding. 🦋 In 2011, Christ came to me in a vision and my supernatural journey started there on. 💎 Conflicting Aspirations🌹 If the information I give you is contrary to what you believe, take it with a grain of salt and move on with neutrality and kindness. Negativity and disrespect will not be tolerated. I deliver what Holy Spirit tells me to. Nothing more, nothing less. ⚔ LEGALITIES ⚔ Psychic Reading is subject to Interpretation and should not be taken as Absolute. All reading are for spiritual and therapeutic purposes only. Information provided is not to be substituted for any type of professional, legal, psychological and/or medical advice.


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