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☀️Much love to you, my kin! ✌🏻 Only Honest, Earnest Insights from Your Spirit Guides🌖 I am here for you. 💙 They call me Union. As a spiritual guide of Jah, my purpose is to share love, peace of heart, and clarity of mind with you. No matter what your questions might be, they can be answered. Your guardian angels, ancestors, and spiritual companions are with you every step of your life. 🕊 They will reassure you, put your doubts to rest, and clear up whatever may be blocking your path ahead. They love you, they're here for you. Through their wisdom, barriers will seem like minor inconveniences and the wounds on your heart will be mended. Because the love they feel for you is limitless and they will never lead you astray. You don't need the reading you want to hear. I'll share with you the the compassion and the insights YOUR spiritual companions wish to share. The truth and ONLY the truth. My methods of connecting with your Spirit Guides are: ☀️ Psychic Interpretation, Without Tools 🌕 Divination using Elder Futhark's Runes ✨ Water & Mirror Scrying 🌌 Dream Analysis As an attuned Reiki Healer and Druidic Guide, I'm happy to also share: ☯️ Chakra Alignment 🌅 Spiritual Restoration 🔥 Energetic Cleansing 🛡 Negative Spirit Removal If you wonder where the information comes from, it is always from your companions or ancestors, who dwell in the spiritual or akashic fields. I also offer coaching and mentoring for those who wish to hone their own gifts and abilities. Everyone is blessed with the insights and your guides are never far from you. At the end of the day, my true hope is to show you the path to communicating with them in your own way so you have peace of mind 24/7, whenever you need it. Until we speak, much love to all of you, my kin.


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