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❗️Give me clear instructions & clear questions [in decent English]— Psychics aren’t mind readers— We are not miracle workers— Cast Away Expectation— I aim to please, but I know I can’t be everyone’s favorite. 🙂❗️ ⚖️ Before you negatively review me— I aim to speak the truth and I do not skew what Spirit conveys. I also cannot be blamed for misunderstandings due to language barriers. Please have a good English comprehension. ⚖️ 👇🏻 Read Carefully 👇🏻 ✨🧜🏻‍♂️ I channel, sense energy, weigh perspectives, connect with higher & lower selves, and sort through various alternate realities to determine which one is most likely to manifest. 💞 My readings are not a lecture, but a conversation— We Are A Team— I am here to offer insights, guidance, spiritual counseling, realistic advice, self-improvement, inner work, hope, solutions & options, and healing. 🕊 I speak in terms of likely and unlikely. I’m not a clairvoyant nor a medium (I use cards), but I sometimes do have visions & will say so if I have one. 🧿 Prepare to have your ego shattered. Divination is all about channeling higher messages from divine. Readings may not always be what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Be open. 🧿 💟 Reader’s Advice — Readers are not gods nor are they official oracles of Divinity. Many will make huge claims, but we are still fallible human beings who can make mistakes. If some of the initial details get confused, the reading may become skewed. Correct your psychic during the reading and allow them to readjust. Misunderstandings are not exclusive to the recipient. Help us help you. Your satisfaction matters to me. 💖 Live Readings — I treat readings like a conversation amongst friends. I truly care, don’t judge, & I just want to help. Briefly explain to me what brings you in & what’s been going on. Provide some details & answer my questions honestly. Countless data goes into interpreting accurate readings. 💜 Questions — Please limit your questions to 1-3 in number [same topic]. As eager as I am to help, I truly cannot answer more than that in the allotted time. I can always clarify on relevant feedback in the comments. Be specific. I will not make assumptions. 💙 Details — Please try to limit the context and details that you want to divulge about your situation. Details help us narrow our psychic search or adjust our human language from channeling energy. Either way, please be concise. 💚 Ground — Results vary. Readings reflect your current mood & outlook. If you come with love and openness, you will likely receive love and openness. If you come with fear and hysteria, you may only see that in the results. Try to ground and clear your mind before getting a reading. 💛 Comments — I also request that you please limit your follow up clarity questions to 1-2 in number. Like all readers, my psychic stamina is not unlimited. 🧡 Multiple Topics — Please keep each reading limited to 1 topic so I can best channel your energy. Cross energy may skew answers. ❤️ Other — For more questions, new topics, or deeper analysis on your reading, please order another reading. 🤎 Predictions — Readers attempt to connect with cosmic forces, celestial bodies, higher realms, spiritual entities, and worldly energies that are constantly shifting and changing. A talented reader will sense and analyze all of these variables to best predict the future or explain the past leading up until now. Remember, a reading is a forecast and like weather, it predicts in likelihoods and percentages. 🖤 Destiny — All is subject to free will, cause & effect, conscious decisions, unconscious influences, inadvertent mistakes, accidents, and divine authority. Please be realistic in that a reader cannot 100% of the time pinpoint how the universe will certainly manifest, but they will try of course! 🤍 Your Life — Ultimately, you are in control of your life: Actions & Reactions. A reader cannot tell you how to live your life or be held responsible for how things progress for you. We are here to guide and show you the psychic weather forecast from the moment of casting the reading. I personally am here to offer tools, predictions, options & solutions, advice, and personal guidance.


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