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🧿✡️ Gratitude to my Heigher Self. I owe and surrender my spiritual gifts to my Heigher Self ❤️🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯🙏🏻 🧿💙 Please finish the reading while in the call. On sale days, difficult to answer questions in the message box. 💙🧿 Hello! I am Pentacle Queen - Trupti, celebrity voted most accurate psychic Love relationship life Coach, all the way from India. 🤍I cater outside this platform, so in case I am not available, please ping me/ nudge me, and I shall be surely back soon. 🔯Guidance I offer:- ❤️ Channeled messages from my Higher self - Only through LIVE readings. ❤️ Voted the most accurate life coaching - only through Live readings. - What's the purpose of your life, how to heal from past relationship, how to heal from childhood trauma, how to raise vibrations, how to be emotionally strong person, how to navigate through life problems. ❤️Love, Relationship, Marriage, third-party situation. ❤️ Twinflame / Soulamte/ Karmic Relationship. ❤️ What's the future of my relationship/ love life? ❤️ New love, new person energies ❤️ Mediumship readings only through live readings. 💰 Career, job, and finance related questions ( within PO/ PG rules ) ❤️ I read through tarot cards/ Oracle cards/ pendulum/ psychic/ channeled messages. If you want anything specific, please let me know. 🔯Before placing the order:- 🔯 Please provide your name, POI name, specific question, and relationship status ( no contact, third party, extra marital, school crush) ✡️ NO LEGAL/ Health/ Medical/ Visa/ Lottery/ Black Magick/ Spells/ TIME-FRAME/ GENERAL questions. 🙏 ✡️ Seek Absolute Mutual Respect. I am here to help you. The moment I feel my energies are pressurized, I will refuse the reading. ✡️ 24 hr/ Rush hr. orders on PO- : Only 2 questions per order. If you put more, I will answer the first 2 only. It's just a 3-minute video. ✡️ No, if you already know the answers! No test readings. ✡️ No, if you can't wait for things to happen in the future. ✡️ Live Chat/ Calls - Please finish the reading during the LIVE session. No questions in the comments box please, as the windows closes too soon. ✡️☎️ Voice calls - If you are okay with Indian accent, you are most welcome to connect. ✡️ Try out :- Only 2 questions. There are no questions in the comments box. ✡️ Pricing is subjective and individualized. Please check carefully what you are opting for before you order. No negative comments/ reviews about pricing, please 🙏 Disclaimer: Tarot card reading does not replace any professional medical/ legal/ business opinion and advice.


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