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I offer: Intuitive Readings with my Tarot and Oracle cards. I am skilled in: Assistance with Shadow Work, Looking Ahead, Path Selection & General Universal Guidance. Also skilled with Animal/Dream Symbolisms and Breakdowns. • A quick heads-up: I will not always give straight up Y/N answers to your questions. I will only give them if I feel prompted enough to do so and if my cards give me enough information to look further ahead past the veil for you in that manner. Some information I am not given access to, solely because your question requires direct action, and not a simple yes or no from me. Tarot should be a tool for you to find inspiration within yourself to create your own outcomes, rather than a reliance for your future. Things are ever-changing, such as the outcomes I can see for you in the exact moment of your inquiry depending on the steps you’ve taken thus far. Be prepared; I am not simple in my readings. I go in-depth, and I don’t feel comfortable giving surface-level information. I do not tolerate impatience or ignorance, for I do not sugarcoat my messages to you, so please respect my intent and do not inquire if you do not resonate with my process. 🤟🏽 I’d love to read for you and help you find the answers you are seeking, at the request of just trusting my process and my words to you. Thank you. ❤️


Oracle guidance, Dream analysis, Tarot readings

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