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Welcome πŸ’«βœ¨ ❗As a reminder, my first priority is to offer my clients guidance on their journey. If guidance is not something you are looking for then I am not the reader for you. πŸ™πŸΌ ❗NOTE: please make sure your predictive text is turned ON before using the chat feature. Somehow this affects the system on our end! Also, if you use VOICE to TEXT this might also slow things down on our end. I am an intuitive advisor who is here to help you with your most pressing questions. I am here full-heartedly for my clients during the sessions. No judgments. πŸ’› If you are seeking to gain a better and deeper understanding of your reality and the current energies that surround you, I'll help guide you so that you are aligned with your highest destiny. Through meditation, and with the help of my spirit guides, I will assist you in moving forward on the path that is best for you. Know that everything I say to you comes from a warm place that is always meant for your highest good. Come into the reading with an open heart and open mind and I will work with the energies to assist you. πŸ’‘ KEEP IN MINDπŸ’‘ πŸŒ™I will ONLY answer 2 questions during a 24 hour reading due to the time we are given. Please ask one clarifying question after the reading. If you would like to ask me different questions, please place another order. πŸŒ™The energy you bring into the reading is important. Please be respectful. It's important to be calm during a reading so that I can better connect to your spirit guides. πŸŒ™Please don't lower your vibration by having the wrong intentions for coming into a reading. It's super disrespectful to the energies I work with and it won't work out in your favour. Transparency and honesty will provide you with accuracy and lead you on the path that is best for you. πŸŒ™The CLEARER and more SPECIFIC you are with your questions, the better I can tap into your energy and situation and the more details I can give you. πŸŒ™ Please note: The message box is controlled by the platform and not by us. ❌️ No spying on third parties ❌️ No timelines ❌ No general questions. ❌ No medical or legal advice. ❌ No mediumship LIVE CHATS: Asking several questions before allowing me to answer your first question is very confusing when tapping into energies. These calls are very different from any other reading where an advisor would have more time to meditate. Please stick to only asking about ONE POI during one reading on a live call. Breaking off the connection from your first POI and connecting to another is very difficult. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF THE WORK. β›” Please DO NOT leave me a bad review because I've told you something you don't want to hear or something you don't AGREE with. Be HONEST with yourself about your situation or you will only delay your own growth. People who lash out at others are hurting inside but do not blame others for your situation. Remember YOU are the master of your own future and outcomes. No one else. β™₯️ if you are happy with your reading and you feel it offered you value, please do take a moment to leave some positive feedback on my profile as this helps me grow on the platform and let's others know what to expect. Positive feedback is always appreciated. πŸ™πŸΌ ✨️


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