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About my services

Here is a list of services I provide and specialize in! πŸ’– Empath, love personality reading which can be for a current partner, spouse, past relationship, or a potential love interest. πŸ’– Chakra balancing & Aura healing I can see the vibrational layers of your spiritual energy and wellbeing and see if anything is blocked, drained, or damaged. And from there I can offer you advisement on balancing your energy! πŸ’– Other readings I provide Soulmate Twin flame Past life Aura Palm reading Tarot reading Dream interpretations πŸ’– Please provide me with FIRST NAME ONLY & date of birth of you or anyone you may be inquiring about, for me to be able to provide your reading. πŸ’– I allow all of clients to ask unlimited clarification questions after the reading is over in the clarification chat. Disclaimer: I do not provide readings or guidance regarding threatening, or harassment of any kind. I do not provide answers on any legal questions, any medical questions, any questions regarding minors, or pregnancy. Disclaimer: I do not provide readings on if an individual will be getting any type of professional help, medical help, or spiritual help. I do not provide readings on if a Individual is taking any type of medication, drugs, or substances of any kind. Disclaimer: i do not provide readings connecting with lost loved ones, spirts, or pets. i do not provide insight on items you lost, or missplaced. Disclaimer: at times I’m not able to respond to my clients in the clarification chat due to high call volume and by the time I get to the clarification chat, it expires. - there is no specific time that the clarification chat expires at. Each time the clarification chat expires is at a random time. Sometimes it can be within 2 minutes sometimes it can be within 2 hours the time varies and as a Purple Ocean advisor, I do not get to see when or what time the chat will expire at. It happens randomly. ✨


Tarot readings, Love readings, Psychic readings

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