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PLEASE READ 🚨Sorry for everyone who had not gotten back to in the comment section as I am getting a significant amount of orders coming in however, I will get to your questions as soon as I can 🚨 At the Moment i am not doing Tarot card readings!!! Please do not ask any legal health related or Pregnancy as they will not be answered🚨❌🚫A reading with me will give you the answers you need. My readings are genuine honest and very straightforward I will not sugarcoat anything. I will tell you the truth whether it may be good or bad. I can help you with your love life career family friends etc I can help with all matters of life. Contact me today for the answers you need.  I have practised my abilities all my life. I was born with this gift and do take it very seriously. I was always told from a young age that I was meant to use this gift to help people I have helped people by tuning into their situations with my Psychic ability to see what they cannot see for themselves and their situation  .From that time I have learned much about psychic abilities and how they work. Everyone of course has a different psychic ability. My abilities fall under intuition. I am empathic and highly sensitive to what you are dealing I am fascinated with things involving energy and what we cannot see with our naked eyes. I also understand through our brain waves how we are able to communicate. We are not able to see electricity but it exists.


Dream analysis, Love readings, Psychic readings

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