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About my services

I’m a certified psychic medium, reiki master teacher. My passion is assisting you in becoming best version of yourself now. I provide honest, direct advise; giving you clarity, education, and insight so that you can make conscious decisions that lead you to a better you. ✨PLEASE NOTE seeking a psychic reading IS SEEKING ADVICE. And, your reaction to TRUTH rather than validation of ego-driven desires isn’t a reflection of the advisor, so much as it is the client’s ability to accept reality. ALL ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR WILL BE REPORTED. ✨ONLY ONE FOLLOW UP QUESTION will be addressed per video reading. If you still have questions after the follow up: 1. Order another reading. 2. Get a live reading: chat, call, video call where clarity can be provided in real time. ✨TRUTH ZONE. Please DO NOT seek a reading with me if you aren’t ready for TRUTH or feel super fragile. I will not compromise my spiritual integrity to placate or coddle my clients, I serve and am fully commited to light. Namaste. 🙏🏾


Dream analysis, Oracle guidance, Psychic readings

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