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Hi there. I am an intuitive reader of tarot and avid pendulum dowser with a penchant for astrology and interest in dreams and their meanings. I'm here to help you with insight into your hidden consciousness and higher self. I would love to help with anything you're curious about, or wish for guidance on. Please Note The Following Before Ordering With Me: ** Topic of Query It usually works best when one issue at a time is looked into to start, especially if these are complex issues or separate such as career and love. I'm happy to address follow on queries if these come up, within time constraints, and limited to two follow on queries per session. This helps keep the reading clear and avoids a confusing, unsatisfying reading. If you are unhappy with the reading, let's try to clarify together - I am here to help. ** Timelines I usually don't do timelines. I am able to give you a general idea on the energy around a specific topic, and sometimes timelines will present themselves with respect to these, but please understand that Tarot is not an exact science. If you want an exact date or timeframe, I am probably not a good fit for you. ** Honesty Quite often things come up in readings that are confronting or difficult to deal with. This can be challenging and may not always be what you want to hear. We are all developing as spiritual human beings, and often our higher selves have messages for us that aren't what we expect. I endeavour to do each reading with the goal of connection to your higher self through my own, and with the aim of delivering messages to you for your highest good. I will always tell you what I see. If it upsets you, please talk to me about it so that we can work on any issues together. ** Pendulum The pendulum is an awesome tool for divination, but it is limited to closed questions that have Yes/No/Maybe answers. I use my pendulum during a reading to clarify things. But again, please keep in mind that nothing is set in stone. We all have free will.


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