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Hello Friends, Welcome to my profile. Whatever you are seeking today, may you find it. My name is Katie Rose, and I am an Indigenous Psychic Consultant, Professional Angel Card Consultant, Professional Angel Medium, and Mother Mary Communicator. I am here to offer you Heavenly direction, so you can begin to walk towards all of the amazing things God has in store for you. The sessions I offer here are meant to bring you closer to God's plan fornyour life. During your session, I will be connecting with God, Mother Mary, and Angels. Here are a few topics I can help deliver clarity on, but not limited to : Love And Relationships Soulmates Breakups Divorce Loving Yourself As God Made You Soul Ties Forgiveness Spiritual Soul Lessons Divine Provision Spiritual Guidance and Understanding Moving On From The Pain Of The Past Letting Go Of What Does Not Serve Your Highest Good Spiritual Life Mission ( Life Purpose ) Career Family Issues Guidance through challenging times Growing Closer To God, Mother Mary, and the Angels. Prayer These are the topics that I will NOT help guide you on : General Readings Financial Investments Finances / Money Legal Questions / Law Related Topics. Health Pregnancy Lottery / Gambling Affairs With A Married Person. ( I will not guide you on how to take another person's Spouse. ) Twin Flames PLEASE NOTE : Even if you receive a session from me, I highly recommend for you to pray over your own life, and build a connection to the God of your understanding. Regardless of what, or how you believe. Find God in your own way, but continue to seek. I do not provide timeframes. Everything is based on the Divine Timing of God. In regards to timing, God will instruct you to become active in your pursuit when necessary. If you choose to not take action when you are being instructed to by the Heavenly Father, your outcomes will be delayed. I am not God, I cannot see everything. I see what He wishes to unveil to me. Two questions per pre - recorded video reading, please. I will answer two clarification questions after your reading. I do not give specific dates, appearances, names, or locations. ( Unless I am instructed to by Heaven. ) If we are on a live reading, please ask one question at a time. Allow me to answer one question, before asking another. Are you in need of a fresh perspective, clarity, encouragement from above, or Heavenly discernment? Each session I connect with God and Heaven to bring you guidance, encouragement, and hope. May you be well. πŸ•Š


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