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About my services

I'm a psychic channel and medium that connects directly with spirit, your higher self and guides. 💫🧙🦄 To bring very valuable insight about yourself and help you uncover, your unique side and attributes that you never even knew you had or just plain forgot about!☀️ I will help you navigate life's cycles with flying colors! While it is possible for me to have a conversation with your guides on various topics, I focus on . Career Readings 📚 . Life Path Readings 🛣 . Aura Readings . Energy Readings💫 .Relationship Readings. 🎎 For a 3min video, i will answer One questions only. ONLY ONE QUESTION! This will give you the best value for your time . NO READING 3RD PARTIES. Its a kind of black magic to read people and access their energy without their consent. We will focus on you. 💜


Love readings, Tarot readings, Psychic readings

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