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Moved by soul Led by heart 💓 Witnessed by mind Guided by star 💫 IMPORTANT NOTE: To give you the most excellent service I like to tune-in and prepare for a few minutes before reading with you live. If you would like to experience a reading, please call as-per-usual to share your date of birth and question — I will then ask you to hang-up and call back in 3-5min for us to complete your reading 🙏🏼 As an energy intuitive and divination expert I can read the energy within and around you responding with profoundly insightful impressions and loving, soulful guidance. I work in partnership with the Universe to deliver empowering, intelligent, timely and relevant messages inspired by a spiritual source. The intention is to bring through that which your soul wants to know; letting what resonates flow through me to you. ✨💜✨🙏🏼✨☀️✨💞✨ Let’s explore..... Would you like to see the cosmic connections you share with partners, friends and loved ones, as written in the cards and in the stars? Would you like to know the nature of a relationship and how the other person feels and thinks about you, now and in the future, with a look at potential outcomes? Would you like to understand the current cycles you are in, weekly, monthly and yearly, and learn how to make the most out of the influences that are present? Would you like to deeply explore the energetic influences personal to you divined as your soul signature from the moment of your birth? Would you like to look at the upcoming energies as written in the cards and in the stars, so you can prepare and plan for the ride of your life?! 🔮✨ I am NOT a Medium. Delivering Accuracy I am a conduit in this instance bringing through accurate and timely messages relevant to you and your life. This accuracy has been confirmed thousands of times working with clients. Facilitating Clarity Unveiling life’s mysteries with clear understanding and deep awareness, my purpose is to channel words that empower and uplift, energise the spirit, raise vibration, elevate consciousness and invite clarity into the heart. Committed to Excellency It is my constant intention to provide excellent service, always with a smile, founded in a deep respect and honour to connect and serve, which is both a pleasure and my joy. ❤️ “Let Divine Truth, Light, and Love expand within me and guide me. I request my Masters & Teachers, Angels and Guides be with me now, & for Truth and Accuracy to be obtained, in the Highest Good of All. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” ✨💫 I was nineteen when I experienced a spiritual awakening, three months into an adventure that had taken me to the other side of the world, far far away from my hometown in England. I had moved to Australia, carefree and living la dolce vita when the rapture happened. For me it was a suspended moment in time where I touched god-consciousness, a profound mystical oneness and incredible opening and realisation that changed me forever. Prior to that moment, although gifted with an abundance of love in my life, I had no conscious spiritual threads, no religion or philosophy, I was a blank canvas in that respect; suddenly painted with an awesome spectrum of majestic colour. For several weeks even my physical vision was enhanced with everything appearing brighter and more lucid. Transformed, reborn, life became deeply magical, and I felt guided in every step I took, feeling that I was here on a mission. I had a purpose for being. Immediately after this awakening I began to seek out anything that would further elucidate what had happened to me, and, over time, this journey of self discovery and spiritual exploration led me again and again to numerous means of divination. I had an unquenchable thirst and burning desire to move forward only by the guidance of my soul, to do what was in alignment with my destiny. I still am this way today, only now part of my destiny is to help quench other’s thirst and feed the fires of their souls with divination and awareness, fresh perspectives and spiritual counsel. I’m living my purpose and dreaming awake, a modern day mystic thirteen years into an amazing spiritual quest, blessed to do my soul’s work, full of love, grace and giftedness. “I, Matthew Fry, see and draw to me, through Divine Love, those beings who seek enlightenment through my process, the sharing shall elevate us both.” ✨ — Signature Reading — We'll look at the cosmic influences that combine to make up your unique energy signature. We'll explore your life path, your destiny and design. We'll go in-depth into your soul and personality and look at how you show up in the world. We'll get familiarised with your soul-level learning and challenges, as well as your strategies and best practices. We'll discover how to optimise your life for your unique signature energy and we'll bring to light some of the soul gifts you are here to share. We'll acknowledge your strengths and talent-themes and get in touch with your archetypes to find healing grace and empowerment. You'll receive affirmation and deep understanding, energised by your new perspective and an awakened sense of purpose. ✨ — Relationship Reading — These readings give you practical, in-depth understanding of the dynamics involved in any relationship. We'll tune into the realms of thoughts/feelings and bring awareness to the energies/influences effecting you both. We'll explore soul, personality and design, with an eye to compatibility and the cosmic connections you share. We'll see how you show up for each other on your life's paths, now and in the future, and we'll look towards potential opportunities and outcomes for the relationship. ✨ — Purpose Reading — If you are looking for someone to help you understand your life's purpose, it's a deep honour and joy to serve in this way. These ‘soul commissions’ shine a light on different facets of why your soul is here. I’ve been led to keys of calling that unlock higher dimensions of purpose bringing powerful confirmation and revelation. I begin gathering impressions and unique soul notes, the ones that I know will elucidate purpose, and I channel the divine realisations along with the many discoveries. ✨ — Monthly/Weekly Influences — We'll look at specific timelines and explore the energy dynamics that are present. We'll see what is influencing these times and how to best access, prepare for and harness the energies. You'll receive unique insight relevant to your life's path, and understand the meaning of the cycles you are in. We'll explore potentials and opportunities, and we'll open to timely affirmation and guidance. With fresh perspective and soulful awareness you will feel empowered as you move forward. ✨ — Yearly Reading — Would you like an in-depth glimpse into the biggest opportunities and energies coming your way over the next year? With each yearly revolution around our sun we have new elements interacting in our personal charts and spreads giving us access to cycles and influences not normally available. There’s magic in knowing what IS available, and making the most of it. Each year provides new opportunities for empowerment, growth, harmony and success. May your yearly revolution be powerful and blessed! ✨ — Consultations — In these consultations we'll explore your specific questions in detail and delve deeply into the situations presenting. We'll look at the current energies, pertinent influences and relevant spheres of activity. We'll examine timeframes, receive affirmation, unveil archetypes, open to guidance, and see through a spectrum of divination lenses. We'll focus on the topic or areas important to you - my divination expertise, soulful knowledge and intuitive counsel are at your service. 🌈🙏🏼🌈 Please share your leading questions and birth date (DD/MM/YY) including place and time if known. If your question relates to another person, please include their full name and date of birth as well. ✨ It's always an honour and a pleasure to be of service 🙏 I look forward to connecting more and am sending heaps of love and bright soulful wishes!! 💖☀️ ~ Matt 🌷 SoulDivination ༄ ◦ ° ˚°◦.¸¸.◦°˚ˆ*♡∗¸¸.◦ 🎶 ✰◦.¸¸ღ.◦°˚*◦.¸¸.◦☼°˚ˆ*⋄∗∞


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