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I’m an Intuitive Tarot Reader from Native Nahua Descent. I specialize in Self-Reflection, Self-Discovery and Personal Power. I’m experienced in Relationship Readings and Situationship Readings. But my Jack of Trade is in the Soul Aspect of the Spiritual Journey. I do career readings, but those are harder to pick up! So I might be completely off, forewarning! ✨I can only answer 1-2 Questions per Video reading, so choose wisely! ✨I do readings on Twin Flames and Soulmates. Though The Twin Flame journey is Painful and Delicate. So be aware that ill tell you the truth and only but the truth. The truth stings and you might not like what you’ll hear. ✨I’m always open to critiques! If I didnt connect with your or read you correctly, I’m sorry. I’m human and i’m always open to feedback! My readings are only for those who can face their shadow and CAN ACCEPT WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER. ‼️I’m not a psychic, but more of an Intuitive Coach and Tarot Reader. I WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH, NO BS. SO PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE GETTING A READING WITH ME. ‼️


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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