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About my services

Using tools such as tarot cards, crystals and energy psychic readings upon request to help magnify my psychic ability and be amazingly accurate. If you would like to use one of these tools please let me know and your order description upon Request (if not I will just use my clairvoyant energy to pick up on the reading) 🔮 now offering chakra balancing, sound therapy, healing session only through live video call 🔮 Clairvoyance (Spirit Sight) Clairsentinence (Spirit Sensing/Empathy) Spiritual Counseling Life Coaching Past Life Reading Karmic Debt Healing AKASHIC READING Visions of Past,Present, and Future Aura Reading Through Sensing, and Sight Soul Auditing Twin Flame and Soul Mate Identification Astrology Metaphysics Angelogy Colorology Spirituality Guided Meditation Spirit Guide Communication Energy Work/Light Work The following is a quick list of services: * Angel communication/ spiritual insight and answers /Spirit guide communication/ Medium to past loved ones/ Soul mate connection/ Twin flame * Chakra cleansing and rebalancing * Psychic Reading * Intuitive Life coaching/ putting a plan together for your future * Spiritual healing/ through crystals, meditation and prayer It’s now been over 10+ years since I have been using my abilities to help other others overcome heartbreak, and confusion, find their personal life purpose and as a spiritual connection I just a phone call away!


Angel insights, Love readings, Psychic readings

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