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About my services

I'm a Tarot and Oracle Reader. I also do dream Interpretations. If you'd like a dream interpreted please give as much detail as possible for a thorough interpretation. I can speak to spirits if they allow. Remember not all spirits want called upon so if submitting an order try and give more than one person for me to try and connect to and their relation to you. I can help with development of spiritual gifts. I give guidance and hear messages through spirit. My goal is to leave one with no unanswered questions, and clarity in their situation. Please when asking questions have some detail. Though I can get details without alot of information, questions like "what does he feel" with no context of who or what you're talking about leads to vague answers due to a vague question. If you want detail you've got to ask full questions I only get 3 minutes to give you clarity so if I have to break a card down 4 different ways it defeats the purpose and waste your money and time. If you choose to do text chat, or calls and only do 5 minutes you also can't expect alot of detail and then leave a bad review. It takes time to hear/ read your questions. It takes time to pull and then to type and await your response. Just in typing and waiting for your question it is about 2-3 minutes which leaves 2 minutes to actually give a reading. It is impossible to give great detail. So please be mindful to ask your question in detail to get the most clarified answers. **I will only answer 1 question in the chat box following your reading**


Dream analysis, Love readings, Tarot readings

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