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I take a holistic psycospiritual approach to reading Tarot. I believe fate is not set in stone, and I love the cards ability to clarify the ways we can command our own destiny. Lets look at : 🛤the path you are currently on, 🌌dive into your spectrum of possibilities, 🪄and hone your power to influence these pathways. Oftentimes the path to solving real world problems starts in the lofty worlds of spirituality, the human psyche, faith and metaphysics. I have a passion for bridging these worlds in the proactive persuit of happiness, and I love to share my passion with likeminded individuals through tarot. Questions I specialize in: 💞Love ⛰life path 🔨career 🧭direction/guidance 🌅navigating any circumstance or relationship 😌judgement free zone😌 🏳️‍🌈LGBTQAI+ friendly (💞💜💙) 🧘🏼‍♀️all divination and information shared is for the purpose of empowering, healing, helping, and freeing🧘🏼‍♀️ I am an empath🤍 and a tarot reader🎴 so my expertiese includes: 🔮feelings, intentions, motivations, justifications, confirming intuitions, projected behavioral patterns, propensity for adaptability, available pathways, manifestations, messages from spirit guides, dream interpretation, and formulating specific real life action plans to see certain paths come to fruition. Disclaimer: ⏳I DO perform time divination, BUT it is not my strongsuit. I believe life is like a chess game- the board changes with each decision. Fate and divine timing are constantly adjusting in accordance to free will. These questions may be better suited for an advisor with clairvoyant psychic abilities. 🖼Similarly, I WILL TRY to divine what someone looks like, or how specific siuations unfold through tarot, but please understand these queries may be better suited for a clairvoyant psychic. These psychic-related inquiries will have less accuracy than empathic related inquiries, and should eb taken more as entertainment than gospel. 🤝my readings are based on empathic connection. It is agains my principles to perform a reading if I find my intuition is off or I can’t establish a connection. I will always be honest about that connection. I can generally tell if i have made a poor or inaccurate connection early on in the reading. Please do not leave a bad review when i am honest about my limitations- and instead, seek another advisor. There is no advisor who can connect to everyone. 💆‍♀️I believe everyone was gifted with the intuitive ability to navigate their own path. I use my intuition to guide you to your own ability and empowerment. I will always listen to your judgement as well as my own- no one has more credibility in your life than you😊


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