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I'm British and on UK London time. Kind, caring, and happy to advise you so that you can make your decisions 👌 Aside from the paragraph below this one, I'm also here to talk to your loved ones and pets that have passed over. Interpret dreams, advise on developing your own psychic skills and what number sequences that you see mean for you. Giving you a general reading month by month is also possible, giving you my Guides advice on what to watch out for in the time ahead 🙏 🛑 I accept most topics in line with the categories on my profile. Except for those which relate to financial investment, any form of application/contract/contest/interview, private detective work, giving timelines, legal or medical matters (I cannot read on these last two as that would directly breach the Adviser Terms) 🛑 When asking about love issues I CANNOT tell you if you "will" resolve, reconcile, date, marry, rekindle or if someone will get back in touch with you. But I can tell you what my Guide gives me to say on the situation and suggests you do ☺ 🙏 I'm very happy to answer one clarification question after any reading type just given. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and will assume when you've placed your order that you have read and accept my Terms as detailed above🙏


Love readings, Dream analysis, Psychic readings

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