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Please only ask me to read if you're open to hearing what my Guide gives me to say Number significance, dream interpretation, talking to those passed over, mediumship development... Just a few of the topics I'm asked about regularly (if you're unsure what to ask) If you're wanting to know if you'll reconcile and my Guide is saying no, or not as you'd like, please don't leave a negative review for my doing so Leaving a negative review means I'm unable to read for you again. So please do give things time and be respectful. As I will be for yourself I can't give you an exact time frame since I don't get those from my Guide. Please bear that in mind and that I'm not able to ask my Guide questions relating to private detective work/digital media/employment issues/fidelity checking/finances/legal/marriage/medical/property and/or psychology matters. ONE clear question for a prerecorded video reading only please. (The Adviser Terms and Terms of Use are very clear on several aspects) ๐Ÿ‘‰ The time you book is the time I read in. Asking on the cusp doesn't entail me continuing to read on in the messages section. But please do feel free to ask me after a reading to clarify the, (or give an alternative), definition of an unfamiliar word or phrase. Just allow me time to reply, as I can get very busy at times. To follow up or continue, please do call again ๐Ÿ™


Love readings, Dream analysis, Psychic readings

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