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Please ONLY ask me to read if you're open to hearing what I'm directed to say. Please read my profile wording prior to wording your request/s. My Guide cannot be dictated to, or forced, so please help me to help you by respecting that and reading my profile prior to ordering. To avoid disappointing yourself πŸ™ Need a plan of action? Life a grind? Keep meeting the wrong kind of person and relationships flounder? Business causing stress? Please have at least one clear question ready to ask when you dial in. As a starting point and to make your time with me fruitful. I'm a Christian and believe God's Will is with us... So whilst all are welcome without judgement, all readings will be given in accordance with my belief in God's Plan and Will I'm able to help and use my Guides observations to work alongside you. We can look at a persons energy and thoughts, even intentions towards you. Number significance, dream interpretation, talking to those passed over are equally some of the most popular topics brought to me Leaving a negative review means I'm unable to read for you again. So please be respectful, as I will be for yourself. If you've not read my profile wording and I've asked you to let me know what you'd like to do against a deadline... When we have thirty minutes only left to that deadline I'll record a video advising how to recover your fee... πŸ™ ⚠ Please note that I'm not able to answer questions relating to detective work/digital media/employment issues/fidelity checking/finances/legal/marriage/medical/property/psychology or exact timelines. I take ONE clear question per each prerecorded video reading only. I do not and cannot intepret dreams on anything except "live" sessions. (The Adviser Terms and Terms of Use are very clear on several aspects) πŸ‘‰ I don't reply to any post reading questions in accordance with the Adviser Terms. Please do call back in if you have further questions πŸ™


Love readings, Dream analysis, Psychic readings

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