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Sometimes we have a hard time connecting with our intuition. We might doubt what is right in front of us, or what is within us. Are you ready to embrace radical growth, self-compassion, and deep love between yourself and others? Fear and doubt often get in the way. My goal is to help you rediscover your true center. Have you been feeling directionless? Procrastinating? Scared to take the leap? Let me help you clear the way and feel empowered to build the life that you have been dreaming of. I can help you get insight, clarity, & practical guidance for love, friends, personal development, and your life path. My specialties include inner child work, shadow work, healing relationship wounds, and related topics. I find that by exploring our shadow side, we can love ourselves more deeply and live a more fulfilling life. Let me know how I can help you! ✨💖🌿 Sale days (live chat): Tuesday & Wednesday ⛅️ Vague questions often lead to vague answers. I may need to ask a clarifying question so that I can give a more detailed and helpful reading. 🔮 I consider myself to be an intuitive and empathic reader, not a psychic. 

I do not do remote viewing and I cannot give specific information about the future. 

I simply read the energy that is depicted in the cards and intuitively relate it to what may be happening in your life. 

I have no interest in proving any supernatural abilities. I’m just here to help provide guidance and clarity so that you can enjoy life to its fullest. I do not read on the relationship dynamics between people who are in a relationship with each other if they are not present for the reading itself. A reading is about you, not them. ‼️ Disclaimer ‼️ ❌ I will not answer questions related to pregnancy, health/medical concerns, or legal issues. I cannot offer any medical, legal, or financial advice. I do not do Twin Flame readings. 🗓 If you have recently gotten a reading with me, I will not do another reading on that question unless the situation or relationship has changed. Otherwise, please wait at least a month before asking about the same situation/relationship. 

Too many readings on the same thing within a short period of time will only create contradictory readings and cause confusion. 💖 These readings are for entertainment and introspective purposes only. My readings are based on the energy at the moment, and the future is not set in stone. ☀️ We are all responsible for our own decisions, and I am not liable for any actions that you do or do not take after receiving a reading from me. 🌙 Sometimes energies don’t align perfectly and a reading may not totally resonate. This is especially true if you ask trick questions or give misleading information. Readings work best when we are both open and honest.

✏️ Note ✏️ 📞 🎥 If doing a voice or video call, please wear headphones so that there is no echo. For full disclosure, I’m still learning how to make sure that my audio works for voice and video calls. I appreciate your patience! In the meantime, chat readings are the best way to go. 🏃24-hr and Rush: Please ask one question per reading. I will answer up to two clarification questions after your reading has been delivered. Unrelated or new questions will need to be submitted as a new order. Thank you! ✨ Clarification questions ✨ For Live readings (chat, voice, video): I will answer up to two clarification questions after your reading has ended. Any additional or unrelated questions will need to be part of a new reading. For tryouts (5 minutes free): If no time has been added to the first 5 minutes, no follow-up or clarification questions will be answered. Otherwise, I will answer one clarification question after the reading has ended. New questions or follow-up questions must be part of a new reading.


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