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Hello! ๐Ÿ‘‹ this is information about my services on purple Ocean! How Would A Reading Begin With Me? I would need your full name and your date of birth if there is a interest involved or your wanting to know information upon I would need their full name and date of birth as well before beginning the session. Tell me concerning question and I pick up on your vibrations I will tell you everything what I see for you :) cannot answer any pregnancy questions! No Sugarcoating anything!! I do not sugarcoat nor exaggerate into the truth you would need to hear toady! I believe each individual in this world deserves the truth and my passion is to offer every individual truth and guide them to the honest and successful path theyโ€™re meant to enter.. My Tools.. I have many tools to give you the information you would need! I do not need Tarot cards to read your future all you have to do is ask no cards! Tarot cards, angel cards, clairvoyance, My Qualifications And Specialties.. I am a certified license spiritualist! Not only I ran many fairs, events, but i also have my establishment business! I am a spiritualist, metaphysical teacher, metaphysical healer, clairvoyant reiki master, my specialties are into. love, relationships, career, finance, successโ€ฆ. What Would You Seek If You Call Me Today? Not only honest truthful answers but you will be guided to the path that you was meant to enter with true clarity! Not just for a better tomorrow as well! Itโ€™s your choice for you to truly get the answers you need today all you would have to do is click the call button to fully get the answers you deserve todayโค๏ธ


Love readings, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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