Dino Spirit

Love Relationship Expert
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99.3% on-time delivery

About my services

I am a spiritual leader and know how to interpret what people feel- i can see, smell, or even hear love, cear, jealoudy and a host of otger emotions and realities, and i can name them as they are happening. I use clair-senses to be able to give someone derp insights sbout their situation or question, wether it’s about past, present or future, and about them or others, and how unexpected factors might be contributing the the situation. I have expertise in love and relationship matters and solved so many problems through out the world. I have been linking Numerology, Astrology and Tarot cards to give factual insights about my clients problems. I also provide possible solutions to them by using several tools abd by reading their birth horoscopes in detail.


Love readings, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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