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🛑 Stop and read before ordering from me ✋🏼 🕊Hello ! ~ I’m a spiritual adviser that loves to help and heal those who wish to gain services from me. I do Tarot Card Readings, Oracle Cards, Clairvoyance (Crystal Ball Readings), Pendulum Readings, Lenorman Readings, Candle Flame Readings, Dream Analysis Readings, Drowning Rods (for quick yes/no answer questions), Astrology/Horoscope and/or no tools. I’m nice and honest. I’m the type of person that will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I like to keep my connections with my clients on a level where they don’t feel like they’re talking to an adviser to just get answers. I like to build a connection with each individual client to ensuring your contact with me feels more like you’re speaking with a friend or someone you can depend on rather than it seeming like you’re just doing business with me. 🍭 I DO NOT sugarcoat readings so if that’s something you’re looking for then you’re looking at the wrong advisor for the job. Please be mindful and prepared that what you hear may / may not be something you wanna hear. 🍬 📣I DO NOT do health, legal, fertility/pregnancy, lotto, and dark spirit/energy readings and its against policy on the platform. 🚫Please DO NOT compare my readings to other readers. You need to use your discernment / intuition when conducting a choice / decision on your situation. Going to other readers may distort your perception on the outcome so please keep that in mind. I like to build / have healthy client - advisor connections and treat my clients equally / fairly in this aspect (as well). ⛔️ HONESTY is POLICY ~ Please DO NOT test my abilities with fake events just to write a bad review or question my abilities to answer / do your reading for you. Take that negative energy elsewhere. ‼️Note *~ Due to high demand of my services I wont be able to answer any questions after the reading is done. I might make an acception for one question but PLEASE , only clarifying questions in the message / comment section. ‼️ 💥Please no fishing for extra information from me in the comments / message box. Ask yourself, would you like to work for free? No? Me neither and its a form of disrespect. Please respect my boundaries and abilities. ⏱ Please DO NOT rush me in chat especially when you’re expecting to ask a lot of questions in a 3 / 5 minute chat. I can try to answer an additional question or finish the last question you asked before the chat closed out but due to heavy traffic when it comes to orders, I may / may not be available to do so. 📹 Video Orders: • STANDARD ORDERS: 🏪 1 Question • RUSH ORDERS : 🏃🏻‍♀️2/3 Questions(Max) 💬 Live Chat: I like to take my time and make sure that I answer everything you need and request of me so please dont get upset if I take a while to respond to you at times in chat, its a good sign because it just means that spirit is giving me all the information I need to tell you and I’m trying to find a way to go in depth with my explanation. I like to type my answers out in paragraphs so I can give you as much information as possible in order to ensure I cover the situation/questions in time. I’m the type of advisor that thinks about making your money / time with me worth it. 🙏🏼Please give me time to clarify anything in your reading if you’re confused / unsure about something. I’m here to help you and the comment feature is a great tool to gain clarity on anything you need so please dont write a neagtive review because you didn’t allow me to clarify and/or accommodate your needs. I’m really compassionate for my clients I make / have. I’m very understanding on situations with my high empathy. I take confidentiality very seriously and also, (as I noted in my about me section) I will not be the type of person that’ll be judgmental, arrogant or rude to your situation at all. I like for my clients to feel comfortable and safe speaking to me about their problems. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️Im LGBTQ+ friendly 🦋 I’ll give advice on your situation if I feel its necessary from my guides and/or its requested. 🗣 I do not speak any other language than English. ✨Energy always has the ability to shift and change so I’m sorry if a person feels/wants to act a certain way one day but changes up the next. We have free will as human beings and sadly, I’m not a real magician that can push for a person to like you, come foward, be with you, etc. Predictions can also take time to manifest so because the situation isn’t working out in your favor right now and the cards say that it will that doesn’t mean it’ll never work out. 📖 A review after my reading/(s) would be greatly appreciated but not required


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