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I offer accurate guidances through Tarot Card Readings that helps one to take strong decisions and walk ahead in life with vigour and zest to achieve their goals and aims. To get clarity and accuracy, one must honestly describe their situations so that you can be helped with divine wisdom.. Withholding information or hiding facts will not fetch you the truth of the matter. Please be clear about your expectations out of the reading and avoid asking generic questions so that I can help you with accurate and indepth advice. 🙏 Please ensure to mention your gender and also provide a complete date of birth in the format DAY / MONTH / YEAR for yourself and the person involved in the question. I do not provide Timelines, but will surely convey if I am guided by my spirit guides during the readings. 🙏 I will not answer questions on - Birth Death Health Pregnancy Legal / Police affairs Trading / Lotteries etc Do not be judgemental about the Healer as we offer guidance from a space of love and compassion. No rudeness and bad Vibes please! I have a rich experience of more than 20 years in helping people to get clarity about their situations and help them to take their best foot forward for living their best life that they so much deserve and desire. Life is beautiful and one needs to see the brighter side of the world that is so positive and make the best out of any circumstances as they are merely lessons to be learned for our personal growth and evolution in life 😇 Always ask with a open mind and be ready to receive new insights. Hope to connect soon with you.. 😇


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