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🔮Intuitive Psychic Medium🔮 I have been so very blessed to Inherite my intuitive Psychic gifts from my linage, many many generations down the line! I am an angel expert, I channel with not only our Angel guides but the Archangels to bring you the healing needed. I offer accurate information you are not only wanting to know, but what you are needing to know coming from the divine🕊👼😇🕊 I am very honest and straight fwd, I will never lie to you for instant gratification. I will always be honest on any situation for the highest good of all. Please know this before asking for a reading with me. The only negative reviews I have were those who didnt want to hear the truth. I offer all readings, with zero judgment. Personal guidance from the divine, Relationship, financial or whatever else it is that might be on your heart. Even if you dont know what the questin might be, I can give you the answers you are needing to hear and bring an end to your confusion. Past.Present.Future. You name it🤍 I specialize in channeling with the divine/angels and those who have passed to give you the most accurate messages to help with any messages or closure. The only tools I use is my intution through the help of your and my guides/angels to get the messages intuitively from the divine & oracle. ❗️IMPORTANT RULES❗️ When you order a 1 hour rush order reading, I only have 3 minutes to answer, so please try to keep it at only 2 questions. Please also make sure to have a specific question in mind so I can give you detailed precises answres. Thank you💕 When getting a reading, its very important that you understand we are reading the energy of now! Energy is very fluid, It always changing. With that being said, If your energy changes so can your time frame. Any psychic that tells you they can give you a 100 percent accuracy on time frame is not being honest. Please let me know you have read, understand and agreed when asking for time frames. Live chat is only open one hour after reading. I will always do my best to respond in a timely matter💗 I will answer 1 questions to help clarify within 24 hours after videos.


Angel insights, Oracle guidance, Psychic readings

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