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🩶 Hello there ⚠️ if you aren’t going/able to take the necassary time to read the whole profile thoroughly, it’s advised: don’t order a reading, w/o genuinely understanding my profile. Thanks for understanding 🔔 tap bell at the top, so you can know when I’m available. 🩶 if you are having a bad day and wanting to come take it out on someone, then do not get a reading from me. If you are not ready for the truth and growth, then I am not the advisor for you. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” 🩶 I DON’T do general questions with no specific or solid foundation to go off. A general question on nothing or no one specific are NOT services that I do. There’s no way I can properly channel for someone who is “testing” my gifts & intentionally being vague…but wanting a clear reading? Don’t be afraid to be open, you dont have to be super verbose. Intentional vagueness keeps the reading vague. I do NOT accept it & trying to test my gifts, because of your past experiences w/ others or anything else. I am NOT the advisor for those whose intentions don’t align w/ my well intentions. ✨🧿 I love doing readings and using my gifts for service, but deserve respect. During live readings: they can’t be rushed or forced for better, clear connection/channeling 🥰 Taking a couple of deep breaths before reading, will be beneficial though!! 🩶 One or two questions ONLY for the 3 minutes that’s very specific. If you have multiple questions and want a follow up, we can do another reading. So this way I am truly able to deliver and get the message out that you need! If after a 3 minute video you are still confused for whatever reason give me a sec to respond because I do get other orders afterwards. After order is fulfilled I don’t have to respond to comments afterwards. That is always up to Advisor. Thanks so much, to those who are fair minded & considerate in advance! I can definitely tell who reads through with consideration. 🩶 things I can’t offer on purple ocean are readings about anything medical, legal, or pregnancy related. Missing items…looking into sexual orientation of another. No Timeframes, passed loved ones, interview questions 🩶 “hinting” at a new question or asking me one with less than a minute left, won’t get your question answered unless you add time…let’s be reasonable and understanding. 🦄🧿


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Dream analysis

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