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PLEASE READ FULL PROFILE BEFORE CONTACTING ME 💫 My area of expertise is love and relationships, though I am also able to read on finances/career. While I can give (general) timeframes, please do not reach out if this is your sole focus. My reading style is direct, yet compassionate and kind. I give the full truth of what I see at the time of the reading. Keep in mind that energy/feelings are in a constant state of flux — when circumstances change, so does the energy. Notes: ⭐️ PLEASE REFRAIN FROM PROVIDING AN EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF BACKGROUND INFO. I require first names of those involved, and your question(s) ONLY ⭐️ Please ask specific questions. I do not provide “general” readings such as “Whats coming next?” “What does 2024 look like for me?” An entire year’s worth of info cannot be given in 5-10 mins. I DO gladly focus on your specific concerns. Ask exactly what you would like to know, as I will not accept fault for “not picking up on” info completely outside of the question asked ⭐️ Try to come to the reading in a calm state! ⭐️ It is imperative that you give us both the appropriate amount of time in chat. The message feature is for clarifying anything we have already talked about, not for asking additional questions because your time has run out ⭐️ Unless there has been a significant update to your situation or a reasonable amount of time has passed, please do not contact repeatedly about the same situation. You will receive the same information when you are getting multiple readings per day/week without a change to the circumstances I greatly look forward to speaking with you! Should you enjoy your session, please consider leaving a review!


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