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Are you feeling stuck in life without a direction? Are you confused on what to do next and do you need support? My name is Eilie Astara & I'm here to help guide you. 🔮 Please note: The truth isn't always positive and I am an honest, compassionate reader. I tell you what you *need* to hear. If you come to a reading only for what you *want* to hear, I am not the reader for you. I’m a psychic intuitive tarot reader who has been studying Tarot for 10 years. My readings provide my clients with confirmations, clarity and inspiration to embody their authentic self. I work with your energy and my team of angels, ancestors and spirit guides to provide guidance on alignment with your higher self and manifesting your dreams.🌟 Area of Expertise: 💰Career & Finances 💖Love & Relationships 🌟Life Purpose & Spirituality 🌙Manifestation & LOA 🌱Healing & Shadow Work I am clairaudient, clarcognizant and clairsentient and I guide you with healing direction of tarot & oracle cards. As a clairaudient, I receive specific messages through music. As an empath, I feel and read your energies. If you need help with healing, as a Level 2 Reiki Healer, I am here to help assist you. You only need to ask. 🌸 During my readings, I provide an overview of your situation and specific advice on how to move forward with intention. I dissect the lesson and help you navigate your current situation with utmost compassion, so you can leave my reading with clarity & direction.🧚‍♀️ FOR VIDEO & RUSH DELIVERY. Please limit to ONE question/topic. I cannot read multiple topics in 3 minutes and give you quality, detailed guidance at the same time. If you have multiple areas you would like to cover, that will require one reading per area. Thank you for understanding. 💕 FOR FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS: I will only respond up to 2 *clarifying* questions about the Tarot cards drawn during your reading in the Chat Box. No new questions that require new Tarot cards will be answered. I am not always available and connected to your energies after the conclusion of the reading as I am connecting with other clients as well. If you'd like to dive deeper, I invite you to order another reading whenever you feel called to. Thank you for your understanding. 💕 My readings DO NOT include: X medical advice X legal advice X financial advice X timeframes X mediumship Book a reading today! I look forward to reading for you 💖


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