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I specialize in Love / Relationships but I can help you in all matters of Life. ❤️ Services I offer: Love Reading: a look into what’s going on in your connection, how your lover is feeling, what fears and blockages are present(if any), and how to work through them and move in the right direction to create more harmony. Loving guidance and support from your spirit guides. Hints on your soulmates appearance, career, & more! • Psychic & Tarot Readings: for those would like help, guidance and clarity to work through their troubled emotions and clouded thoughts. This reading offers a reflection of your past, present and possible outcome/future and showing you a fresh perspective on your life. (Career, Love, Family, Destiny, etc) • Astrology and Energy: Aura readings look at your spiritual energy system as represented in the seven layers of your aura. Along with colors, i may see symbolic images, info about past lifetimes, spiritual purpose, spiritual beings and usually energies belonging to others–like friends and family members. I will also be able to help you answer questions like, “what color is my aura,” “who are my spirit guides?” “Is (person) around me?” • Live Services via Purple Garden (per min charge) * All Readings mentioned above * Intuitive Life Coaching: Find your path to personal growth and positivity by improving your awareness, understanding and adaptability to change.  My Coaching Sessions are simple systems of guided self-discovery. Coaching helps you to talk things thoroughly through, help view your challenges with clarity and depth. It also helps you expand your perspective and it facilitates forward momentum. If you’re chasing a dream, needing help with decisions (in Love/Career, etc) this is a valuable opportunity * Meditation: This is a spiritual meditation session. Working with your spirt guides, crystal and psychic energy along with deep meditation. This meditation session can be done once or weekly to balance and boost your energy from an exhausting event / situation, or we can work on a deeper meditation that clears toxic energy (rooting from Mind, Body, Spirit, Chakra Levels, etc) that can develop into blockages causing delays —— Info to keep in mind: For Rush Readings: * two question limit * two people maximum per reading Please remember I only have three minutes to fit all the questions into one video ⌛️ — For Live & Rush: 🛑 No followup questions or additional insight will be discussed in message box 🕰 Timeframes CAN change: Energy is fluid and affected by each person's choices and actions. I see the predictions based on the current energy


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