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🕉️ Namaste 🙏, and a warm welcome, Thank you for choosing me as your advisor, I will provide you with clear answers as given by my guides, it may feel harsh at times, but that is the truth that I am getting, LIVE SESSIONS: While I try my best to answer your questions in the message section, but at times as I am busy in the back to back sessions, hence if I cannot get back to you in time before the message box closes, then I hope you can understand and appreciate my limitations in not being able to answer you in time, Availability for LIVE SESSIONS: Monday to Friday: 11:00AM -> 01:30PM and 11:30PM -> 02:30AM, (past midnight), As per EDT Saturday & Sunday: 9:30AM -> 01:30PM and 10:00PM -> 02:00AM (past midnight) , As per EDT Judgement free zone, Please feel free to ask any questions, all are welcome, 🔻LGBTQ+🔻 🔥Twin flame🔥 ❤️Love reading ❤️ 📈Career Guidance📈 I can not answer for below categories so please avoid them ❎ Pregnecy, ❎ Medical advice, ❎ Legal advise, ❎ birth and death, ❎I do not provide Time frames❎ ❎I can not provide answer to questions like, What is color of his / her car, or how many kids he / she has or what number will I get and similar things.❎ Please contact me for: 📖Tarot reading, ❤️Love and relationship issues❤️, 🚗Career advice🚗, For better connect: 👉I will need your first name as spelled, if you can add your profile photo or provide a Video then I can connect in a better way, 👉Regarding comments section I will try to provide answers if I am free and not tied up in next session, But please limit it to 2-3 clarifications only,


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